Liverpool legends, heroes of Istanbul and footballing greats give their Champions League predictions

Sport360 staff 13:52 24/05/2018
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Former Liverpool and Real Madrid star Xabi Alonso makes it 3-3 that night in Istanbul.

From Xabi Alonso, who won the Champions League with both clubs; to Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, two Liverpool legends and heroes of Istanbul in 2005; to the man who guided Liverpool to success on that historic night and managed both clubs, Rafael Benitez; to a Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand; and a manager whose team was knocked out by Liverpool in this season’s Champions League, Manchester City – Vance Machado has trolled the net far and wide to find out what Liverpool legends, heroes of Istanbul and other footballing great predicts for the Champions League Final.

Some of their answers will surprise you. Read on…

Xabi Alonso, Liverpool 2004-09, Real Madrid 2009-14: “The game is going to be lite. I played for both team and I won the Champions League with both. If you are asking me who will I support this weekend, well, I am just going to sit and watch the two teams plays, but I wish Liverpool all the best.”

Milan Baros, Liverpool 2002-05: “Yeah, the Liverpool squad is young and inexperienced for this game, it is the biggest game of their lives. The Madrid squad have wealth of experience. But I don’t wanna know who Madrid are starting, how their tactics are, how they want to handle the game. All I can see is Liverpool winning the trophy at the end of the day, That young squad is so hungry.”

Rafael Benitez, Liverpool manager 2004-10, Real Madrid manager 2015-16: “When the Champions League starts they (Liverpool) are not even in top 10 favourite teams to win it, and now they are creating history. I am 100% sure Liverpool will win it. Any team can beat Liverpool on any Cup finals, but don’t dare them on a Champions League night, they have this kind of spirit working with them in Champions League – both the players and fans. You can testify that in 2005.”

Jamie Carragher, Liverpool 1996-2013: I just hope the Trophy comes to England.

Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United 2002-14: “I don’t want Liverpool to win it, but am scared they might hurt Real Madrid.”

Sami Hyppia argues with Spanish referee Manuel Enrique Gonzalez in Istanbul

Sami Hyppia argues with Spanish referee Manuel Enrique Gonzalez in Istanbul

Steve Finnan, Liverpool 2003-08: I don’t know why people are seeing Liverpool has the underdogs. I see Real Madrid has the Underdogs

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool 1998-2015: “Before the Man City game, I said if we can survive Man City we are going  to bring the trophy home. We have already started the preparation to welcome the lads home.”

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager 2016-: “Liverpool are a great team and I have so much respect for Klopp and his team. I wish them the best of luck on Saturday.”

Thierry Henry, Arsenal 1999-2007: “If you prove you have a record or you are good at something, please don’t let Liverpool hear that, you will make them more angry.  You can see how many records they break this season. Liverpool are the first team to beat Man City, they are the only team to score at Rome, the are the only team to beat Porto at home this season and many more…”

Gerrard Houllier, Liverpool manager 1998-2004: “When we are talking about beautiful and absolute football, then we are talking about Liverpool.”

Sami Hyppia, Liverpool 1999-2009: I just can’t wait for that day, I hope Madrid back four are ready thunder because they are gonna Shake. Those 3 have been absolute this Season, I hope we can win it so that they can compliment their Effort.

Sadio Mane, Liverpool 2016-: “It is one of the more important games in our career. It will not be easy. They have experience and qualities for the team and we respect them a lot but also have the players to beat any team in the world. We will go to try and cause them as many problems as we can. We are not scared of them, let them bring it on.”‎

Roberto Martinez, Everton manager 2013-16: “Real Madrid are a good club and they are favourite for this trophy but when you watch this Klopp team play I am sure this will be the very big tough test for Zidane’s side‎.”

Javier Mascherano, Liverpool 2007-10: “Liverpool has shown that it was not a mistake they are here, and they are ready to prove that again in Kiev.”

Michael Owen, Liverpool 1996-2004, Real Madrid 2004-05: “If Liverpool wins the Champions League, no doubt Mo Salah deserves the Ballon D’Or‎.”

Vladimir Smicer, Liverpool 1999-2005: “I see Liverpool putting this game to bed at half-time maybe 3-0 or 2-0. They have shown they can do it. Against Porto HT 2-0, Man City HT 3-0, HT Roma 2-0. I don’t think Real Madrid can handle the pressure.”

Luis Suarez at Liverpool

Luis Suarez at Liverpool

Luis Suarez, Liverpool 2011-14: “(I) am sure Liverpool will disappoint Madrid, they have no regards for who you are, or how big you are.”

Matthew Upson, West Ham 2007-11: “Where the hell did Klopp get these three forwards from?”

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