Going Out: Marvel at the Red Bull Flugtag in Dubai Creek park

Jay Asser 10:10 26/11/2015
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Flight of fancy: It’s more than just the flying distance that will determine the Red Bull Flugtag winner at the Creek.

There are few events that are as eccentrically entertaining as the Red Bull Flugtag and after a nine year hiatus, the goofiness will return to Dubai this weekend.

More than 30 teams have been cleared for take-off at Dubai Creek park on Friday, November 27 – the new date after the Flugtag was scheduled for November 20 was postponed by a week.

With another seven days for competitors to prepare their aircraft, spectators will be treated to both ingenuity and hilarity.

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Flugtag, which translates to “flying day” in German, tests the design skills and creativity of those brave enough to construct home-made flying contraptions, which take off from a six-meter high flight deck.

There’s always a chance one of the machines will sustain flight and soar into the clouds, but it’s more likely they will plunge into the water below.

The Flugtag record is 78.64m, set by Chicken Whisperers in Long Beach, California in 2013.

But beyond just flight distance, however, teams are also judged on creativity of the aircraft and showmanship.

It’s impossible to predict what will show up on the day of the Flugtag, with past events seeing flying tacos and Winnebago with wings among other craziness.

The first Red Bull Flugtag was held in Vienna, Austria in 1992 and since then, more than 100 editions have taken place across the world.

Along with dozens of local aviation enthusiasts, the event in Dubai will feature teams such as Yallah Galo, Wacky Creek Flyers, Aladdin’s Flying Carpet and more, all selected by the organising committee.

John Price, who was part of the winning team, Snoopy vs. Red Bull, the last time the Flugtag was hosted in Dubai in 2007, is looking forward to competing again.

“It was a blast, with all the goofy planes and the funny shows,” said the aviation instructor, who teaches at Dubai’s Higher Colleges of Technology and will form a team with fellow teachers from the school.

Creativity knows no boundary: A palm shaped flying machine ready for take-off.

Meanwhile, a team of Emirati students, also from Higher Colleges of Technology, will try to one-up their teachers.

Saeed Al Bishary, the team’s pilot, said: “We always see such big events on screens, but now it’s in our own country and we are very much part of it. 

“We are very excited to participate, and we are planning to do good and go against our teachers.”

Entrance to the Flugtag is free for all, with doors opening at noon and team flights starting at 13:30.

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