#360fit: The HOTTEST Health and Fitness Trends Of 2016

NutritionSouq 18:21 28/02/2016
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  • What will be the next trend in the world of health & fitness? Your guess is as good as anyone’s!

    It can seem hard to keep up with what the hottest workout is, what you should be eating and if anything; are the latest fads all just hype?

    2016 has a lot to offer and we examine what could happen this year and what it means to you as an avid health and fitness junkie!

    1. Online Fitness Will Continue To Grow In Popularity

    Online training and streaming services took off in a big way in 2015 with services like Wello and FitnessGlo leading the way for other platforms to take centre stage. Not only will this trend continue into 2016 with more people realising the power of online training, but consumers will look to the internet for their supplements, fitness gear and much more.

    2. Steady State Cardio Training Is Making A Come Back

    Thought steady state cardio was dead? Think again! The last few years high intensity interval training (HIIT) has been popularized as the THE go to training style for maximum results in the shortest amount of time, but steady state (low intensity) cardio is making a come back. The thing with high intensity training is it can have a negative effect on many wishing to start their fitness journey and hoards of people give up almost instantly after attempting it due to it’s demanding nature. This causes many to then have a negative relationship with exercise.

    HIIT has also been known to cause over-training and overuse injuries. Steady state cardio is a great way to introduce training, it can play an important role in stress relief, and can be used for long term programming with the prevention on injury and over training.

    3. Recovery Becomes As Important As Training

    Working out provides the stimulus required to improve and enhance our bodies, recovery ensures this stimulus is utilised and the intended goal achieved.  Recovery plays a huge part in overall fitness and health and people have realised it is as equally as important as the actual exercise.

    The fascination with supplementation and healthy eating will continue in 2016 with the diets like the Paleo diet continuing to gain advocates. Compression, cryotherapy and the understanding of various bodily functions such as sodium levels and heart rate variability are all things that will grow in 2016 where people strive to understand their bodies and how they can better exercise, recover and achieve their goals

    4. Fitness Experiences, (Not Just Workouts) Will Become The Norm

    People don’t just want workouts or classes anymore, they want experiences. Experiences give us a sense of reality and what it means to be alive. How we share these experiences with others on the same journey is also equally important. Boutique studios have thrived recently and will continue to do so because the amount of customization, and the experience they can offer their customers. It is that level of service and personalization which big gym chains can’t match.

    Fitness events like Spartan Race and Dubai Desert Warrior Challenge will become more popular than ever as people seek that experience, sense of community and being part of something BIG that really matters!

    5. Group Fitness Classes Will Start To Combine

    The popularity of CrossFit and Cross Training has been it’s ability to offer a sense of community, but more importantly a variety of training styles in any given class. Standard spinning and HIIT can get stale after the first 50 classes and studios, consumers and fitness manufacturers alike have realised this. Studios will begin to adopt this trend of combining training styles and offer classes which combine training styles like boxing, weight training, olympic lifting, MMA, spinning etc. This will make for a far more combined, customized and enjoyable experience!

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