#360fit: Can't burn fat? Emirates Palace will smash and freeze it

Kara Martin 09:23 10/03/2016
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  • Both 3-MAX and CoolShaping are proven non-invasive methods of losing fat.

    Being fit doesn’t always mean you look the full package, unfortunately. Sometimes trouble areas, such as the mid-section or lower body, require a bit more effort outside of the gym and kitchen. That said, treatments need not be invasive either.

    If this is something, like us, that has been poking you in the belly flesh for some time, then it’s worth experimenting with Emirates Palace Spa’s two new innovative weight loss solutions.

    For those wanting to remove stubborn fatty deposits, reduce cellulite, or just trim the edges with a little toning and sculpting, the spa has introduced both the revolutionary 3-MAX machinery – which utilises ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum technology for sound non-invasive fat and cellulite reduction, as well as CoolShaping – cooling technology, using sub-zero temperatures, that results in localised fat reduction.

    While it takes a few sessions over a period of time to see significant results – and this will be monitored with consultations and measurements before, during and after procedures – this week Sport360 tested both of these out to let you know what you’re up against, and if it’s worth the investment.


    How it works: No matter how much you diet and exercise, some stubborn fat deposits just never seem to disappear, right? Well, 3-MAX launches a three-tiered attack on them, no scalpels, tubes, or bed rest required.

    It was discovered in Europe that ultrasonic sound waves can actually destroy fat cells without causing damage to any other tissues or organs, and in this treatment, fat cell membranes succumb to the pressure of repeated concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy. They are then reduced to liquid, and later expelled through the body’s normal metabolic method.

    The chosen affected area – common places requested by men and women are the lower belly, love handles, backs of thighs, under arms, inner knees, male chest area and buttocks – is combed over with an on-the-surface machine for about 20 minutes, and Ultrasonic Cavitation destroys fat cells at such a rate and in such a quantity that fat storage is significantly reduced or eliminated in that time.

    3-MAX also uses Tri-polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Lipolysis to metabolise and help remove these exploded fat cell membranes from the body, replacing them with new collagen and lifted, tighter, evenly textured skin, and a decrease in deep wrinkles in the long run.

    Opulent setting: Lose your fat in the magnificent Emirates Palace spa.

    Opulent setting: Lose your fat in the magnificent Emirates Palace spa.

    What it feels like: We zoned in on the lower belly for this one, so it appeared as if we were getting an ultrasound similar to a pregnant woman – the treatment involves layering on the very same thick, gooey ultrasound paste before the therapist mows over the area with the machine “nozzle”.

    You’ll feel a bit of warmth on the area, but more alarmingly, will experience noise frequency rattling around in your brain (you will still be able to hear, don’t worry). This is kind of weird and otherworldly at first, but ultimately there ís no pain.

    The results: Most clients see an immediate change in their appearance after the first session, with optimum results after 2-5 sessions. Some cardio, and alkaline foods like leafy greens and fruit, were recommended that day or after to help the body in quicker removal of these fat cell membranes. Without expecting to, we did notice slightly more evenness in our little lower hump. A trick of the eye or not, it boosted our confidence enough to feel good in wearing something slightly more form-fitting the following day.


    How it works: CoolShaping makes use of the technology behind Cryolipolysis, designed and developed by dermatologists at Harvard Medical School, who discovered that fat cells are more responsive to the effects of cold in contrast to the surrounding tissue.

    Fat cells crystallize at different temperatures than other cells, and in this procedure (likened to non-surgical liposuction), the affected area is exposed to temperatures near 4ºC and they are completely destroyed whilst sparing all the other tissue like the skin, muscle mass, and nerve fibers.

    There are numerous clinical trials, celebrity reviews, and before-and-after photos which support the effectiveness of Cryolipoysis, now widely regarded as one of the most effective non-invasive fat loss solutions. Picture water freezing to ice and then shattering. Gone. Yep, this is “fat freezing”, and it only takes an hour of your time.

    What it feels like: A gel sheet is first applied to protect the skin, followed by a suction cup. You will feel intense suction or pulling onto the skin as the machine grabs hold and exposes that fatty area – it kind of hurts, but you get used to it over the course of the session.

    The machine will vibrate as it gently pinches at skin at various speeds and rhythms, and while doing so, it is freezing fat slowly. You may notice coldness at first but this quickly settles too.

    We were so curious about the machinery and the derivatives of fat in general that we got quite chatty with our well-informed therapist, but you might want to bring an iPod or book for the session – it lasts 60 minutes and you might need a distraction from the awkward feeling.

    After the suction cup is released, the targeted area will appear plumped a bit with a little redness, and you may feel a frozen section of fat under the skin.

    The therapist must immediately massage the area to return blood and warmth there, and that is admittedly going to feel very weird too… Then you’re free to go!

    The results: Days after treatment, we are still lightly sore (but able to do all activity), and it took a little longer than expected for that plumpness to go away (so no fitted outfits have been worn since). But there is certainly a bit of a leaner feel now in our midriffs as we write this, although not significant.

    When you’ll see results depends on the individual, the fat thickness, and the area treated. Changes will be visible for most people within weeks of their first treatment, say therapists, while some people will notice a visible difference of the area after two to four weeks, others after eight to 12 sessions (the recommended course).

    Anyway, we’re already warmed by the fact that frozen fat can never return, and are interested to continue these treatments.

    Important Notes: We know you don’t want to hear it but it must be said that this, and 3-MAX, are not all-out replacements for healthy eating and exercise, both of which, if maintained, will enhance results. The regimen doesn’t have to be incredibly rigorous, but the frozen fat cells will be eliminated through the metabolism much faster if the person has a somewhat active lifestyle, and limits intake of toxins such as caffeine and alcohol. You’re wasting your time, and money, if you don’t do this!

    We kind of welcome that challenge because the treatments aren’t especially cheap and it will force you to be more mindful of your unhealthy habits in the long run.

    The Investment: One 3-MAX session is priced at Dh595, while CoolShaping costs Dh695, though various tailored packages are available to knock back the prices, and include both of these done together alongside add-ons such as personal training sessions at Emirates Palace’s awesome health club, or special slimming wraps using Pressotherapy, as well as slimming products to take home. In-depth skin analysis for your body and its concerns are included also.

    Information: 02 690 7978 or email [email protected]