#360fit: Three juice recipes that will flush out the toxins in your body in seven days

Sport360 staff 08:20 10/09/2016
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Whether you’ve had a long weekend of eating bad food or just looking to boost your overall health, healthy juices will help nourish and remove those toxins in your body.

It’s normal for your body to feel tired, especially after a long working week when you’re eating patterns can be disjointed. Not consuming the adequate minerals and vitamins further breaks down your energy levels at a faster rate than normal.

By drinking fresh juice with fruit and vegetables, you are enhancing the nutrients that your body needs in order to feel the best it can.

Here, Sport360 brings you three juice recipes to help flush out the toxins in your body in a week and make you feel positive!


Magnesium is an essential vitamin which boosts your immune system and maintains bone health. It also plays a key role in reducing cramp when you’re excising on a regular basis.

If you’re lacking your leafy greens and looking to boost this source of mineral in the body, then the Magnesium Green is perfect for you.

The parsley, carrots, celery and juicy lemon will help eliminate the negatives in your body and make you feel the best you can in order to maximize daily output!

RECIPE: 3 carrots (remove tops and ends), 2 pieces of celery, 1 lemon with skin (cut both ends), 1 handful of parsley and half a cucumber.


Beetroot Juice.

Beetroot Juice.

One of the best superfoods available, Beets help flush out the toxins in your skin and kidneys, making you feel fresh and energetic.

The betacyanin in beets help prevent cancer, so it’s important to try and consume this type of juice on a regular basis.

If you dislike the taste of beet, don’t worry because the carrot and apple tends to overpower the taste.

RECIPE: 2 beets, 3 carrots and 1 apple.


Maintaining your energy levels and overall health should be a priority, and if you’re looking for a juice to provide a lift then Green Grass fits the bill. The vitamin C-rich lime (make sure to peel it) and the wheat grass are crucial for fighting flu and other sicknesses.

The vitamins and nutrients in the wheat grass help cleanse and heal the body, allowing you to go about your daily activities in a sharp and easy way!

RECIPE: ¼ lime, 3 stems of fresh mint, 2 green apples, 2 carrots and 2 handfuls of snipped Wheat Grass.

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