Three ways to prepare your body for the perfect pre-season

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We’re only nine days into July and already there’s talk of pre-season starting back again. It’s a dreaded time for some, and for others it’s exciting to be back playing sport after a long off-season.

If you’re looking to make improvements over the next few weeks, think about your sport and break down different areas you want to work on before your team assembles at the start of August. You don’t want to be that player at the back of the line during early season runs or the person posting poor scores on strength and speed tests.

Every player prepares differently for the new season, but for us, here are three areas to help you get a head-start on your teammates and have the perfect pre-season.

Don’t overdo it!

Irrespective of your sport, it is important to build your workouts slowly again. If you go back to the gym and start lifting heavy weights with little conditioning then you’ll increase the risk of injury.

The key for now is to do less in the gym, but with intensity (ex: three sets instead of four or 8 reps instead of 12). At this stage of the year it’s more beneficial to do less as your muscles are adapting to new movements after a period of under-use.

Muscles de-condition so by trying to lift too much will lead to staleness. Remember pre-season hasn’t started yet so were slowly waking up the muscles and joints and building a base. Don’t overload your programme because we don’t want to be lethargic in August and September because we’ve done too much!

What to work on in the off season?

This varies depending on the player but each season will bring different areas of your game that need improvement.

Whether its flexibility, speed, fitness or particular muscle groups, this is the perfect time to build a base before your team gets together for a gruelling training block.

If it’s flexibility you need to improve then try yoga once a week, if it’s something leg-related then include an additional leg exercise in your workout, if it’s speed then practice sprints, and if your objective is to improve upper body strength then consult a personal trainer for some advice.

This is the best time to get a head-start on teammates so use the next few weeks wisely and be honest with yourself on and off the training ground. You can’t expect to improve your weaknesses without hard work and consistent training!

Eat well and watch the difference

If you’re looking to have a strong pre-season then start with small changes to your diet. Consult a nutritionist and seek advice on different food types. It’s a great feeling eating well and this will reflect in your positively around the work place and the training ground.

One small change to make is reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, whether it’s through fewer sugary drinks, chocolate or sweets. There are other healthier foods equally as nice!

One thing to remember is that we all work hard so it’s important to enjoy your down-time with friends and family. Enjoy your few nights out, have your cheat meals, but if you are motivated enough to want to get a step ahead of the chasing pack then be willing to make some sacrifices in your daily life!

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