#360fit: Get So FIT at high-tech gym

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The So FIT facility is a state-of-the-art offering from Sofitel.

The Sofitel’s 24-7 So FIT facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a unique training environment that caters for all your fitness needs.

I was put through my paces by personal trainer Nash, one of several expert fitness instructors who are available at various times throughout the day between 6am and 10pm.

To kick things off, I increased my heart rate levels and got the blood pumping using a first-class piece of kit, the SKILLMILL Connect.

The machine features a conveyor belt-style running surface – in which you adjust the speed by lengthening your stride pattern and making sure your feet land at the top of the arch point of the track (see main article picture).

There is also a pace adjuster on top of the data tracking function to tweak the speed but I started off at a walking pace to get used to balancing on the machine.

It was actually tough initially to keep your stride pattern in check and frame upright without holding onto the handle rails, but as the pace increased and I went into a short, intensive jog – it became easier.

The exercise is very much designed to work cardiovascular fitness and get you fully warmed-up – and it ticked both of those boxes.

Click here for more full details of the resort’s membership offerings for non-hotel guests.

I then ran at my top speed for two timed ten-second bursts, leaving me gasping for breath.

Overall, the SKILLMILL is a real handy bit of equipment and is the perfect way to work on your speed or endurance. And, get this, a 10-15 minute stint on the machine is more or less the equivalent to a 30-45 minute run at quick pace on a treadmill.

For the main segment of the session, we worked on the TRX Suspension apparatus – with the excellent Nash guiding me through a range of punishing exercises, working muscles groups ranging from my abdominals to hamstrings to biceps.

I’d definitely recommend the implementation of TRX into your training – and the Sofitel gym is the ideal venue to make sure you include this strength system into your routine.

You effectively work against your body weight using the suspension trainer and control the level of traction against your body with your feet positioning.

We finished off the workout with some pad work boxing drills, designed to focus on my upper-body strength and cardiovascular fitness, before a thorough stretching routine.

Afterwards, I then relaxed in the sauna and steam room, which are available separately in both male and female changing areas.

But, if gym’s not your thing – you can swim and play tennis (multi-purpose court pictured above). There are also a range of other non-sporting activities available, click here for more details.

If you want to chill out completely and are not booked in to stay at the hotel – get a day pass to access their impressive private beach and outdoor pool facility, which is one of the very best on the Palm Jumeirah. Click here for more details.

Get in touch with the 24-hour fitness centre via email on [email protected] or phone: +971 44 55 54 37.

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