Lifestyler: Health and fitness trends for 2017

Josie McKenlay 01:44 29/12/2016
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  • The health & fitness industry is always coming up with new ways of getting us to move our bodies and lead a healthier lifestyle.

    There are new classes, machines and formats coming up almost daily, but these three trends are set to become big business in 2017.


    Although nothing new, replacing the old DVD workouts, it’s taken some time for this trend to catch on. You don’t have to live in a major city to try new, exciting body transforming workouts anymore thanks to the rise of live stream video, accessible from anywhere in the world.

    The trend has gone from the DVD workouts to streaming workouts to live stream workouts, following the rise of live-streaming on social media platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope. Not all streaming is live, but this is set to change this year.

    Also, in recent years these online services are increasingly being provided as an added bonus to studio classes by the studios rather than an alternative by companies or individuals focusing solely on the online option.

    Physique 57, Ballet Beautiful and Crunch Live are examples of studios offering the streaming option, but there are so many other choices, for example, Peloton Cycling and Booya – classes from a slew of NYC’s top boutique fitness studios and trainers, all available in your home via your devices.


    As technology advances, so does everything else, including fitness. You can now find gadgets to help you walk, run, squat or do push-ups better. Even reminders to drink more water. There are new trackers, smart watches and heart rate monitors, together with numerous apps to help you improve your fitness levels.

    It’s a convenient way to do-whenever, wherever-you-are workouts. Apps like Sweat with Kayla and Nike Women’s NTC rose in popularity this year and it is predicted that they’ll do even better in 2017.

    There are plenty more to explore in 2017: newer apps like Aaptiv and Sworkit bringing on demand training and coaching to your phone with a variety of workouts and styles to choose from.

    Try the ever popular POPSUGAR Active app for a workout wherever you go.


    Anyone with a busy schedule will really appreciate the hybrid format of these classes. Any fitness professional will tell you that you need to be aiming towards a balanced routine of cardio, strength and flexibility to get the full body health benefits.

    It also helps prevent injury and boredom and burns the calories. They come in many formats, for example, indoor cycling or body resistance for 30 minutes followed by an equal amount of yoga or ball rolling therapy; or some cardio for half the class, eg, aerobics/zumba and body resistance training – think Pilates or barre – for the other half.

    Whether you like a combination of yoga and Spin in one class, a mixed format HIIT or a bootcamp-style training, there’s something for everyone out there. Try DEFINE Dubai’s 30:30 classes on Saturday mornings in the New Year.