Top tips for running the 10km at Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

David Cooper - Writer 19:00 20/12/2019
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  • Are you running the 10km Road Race at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on January 24?

    If you are, then make sure you read this!

    Here’s our top 10 tips for running a successful build-up to the race!


    If it’s your first time running then think about what you want to achieve. Is it just about crossing the finish line or do you genuinely want to achieve a good race time? Once you have an answer then set out how you are going to succeed. Is it going to mean running two nights a week or do you want to run five nights a week in order to target a faster time on race day?


    You’ve set your plan and now training has begun. During your running week, listen to your body. If you’re sore then don’t train that day. The last thing you want to do is pick up an injury or a niggle in the build up to the race. If you feel sluggish one evening then go for a swim and do some stretching to keep the body moving.


    It is important to warm up and loosen your muscles to prevent injury. If you’re going out for a training run, do some free-flowing dynamic movements before, such as walking lunges, twists and jumps. Post-run, you should do some static stretching and hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds, working your quads, hamstrings, calfs and glutes.


    Mix up your training venues in order to prevent boredom. Running is meant to be fun so if you feel fed up of running the same route it is important to change. If you know the route you’ll be running for the 10km, then no harm in testing that at least once.


    Nothing is easy. Your training schedule is going to be difficult initially as the distances are only new to you. Keep pushing yourself and try not to stop. If you really need to stop during your training run – count to 30 and go again.


    Depending on your training volume (and rest in between) you should aim to do one speed session a week. Whether you’re living close to Skydive Dubai, Zabeel Park, Safa Park or Sports City, find a flat patch of grass that allows you to practice some fast strides. If you’re unsure of a particular programme then try 10 x 50m sprints (two sets) or 10 x 100m.


    Your body is like a car so it needs the right fuel. Have some oats and fruit for breakfast, rice and chicken for lunch, and a piece of meat, veg and sweet potato for dinner. You don’t have to be overly strict but eliminate as much chocolate and sugar as you can. The bad food will only make you feel sluggish.


    Recovery is critical to athletic performance in order to help the muscles rebuild. During your training for the 10km, it is important to take your recovery seriously as this will effectively impact how your body feels the following day. The three main tips for recovery are to hydrate, stretch and take in some protein after exercise (20-40g).


    A few days before the race you should run 3-5km at your chosen race pace (for example: if your aiming to do 10km in 50 minutes then try 4km in 20 minutes).  This will boost confidence and get your body prepared for what lies ahead on race day. Picture running strong during the race and crossing the finish line happy!


    Enjoy it. You may never do one of these races again, especially in Dubai, so make the most of it and ensure you are as best prepared as you can be!