#360fit: 5 foods that will make you feel full

Sport360 staff 12:36 14/02/2017
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    If you’re exercising loads, it’s important you replenish your energy stores with the right kinds of food so you feel full and ready to exercise again the next day.

    However, many people don’t feel satisfied after their last meal of the day and in most cases, snacking won’t do the trick.

    Here’s five foods that can help you feel fuller quicker and for longer – helping you to avoid cravings for fatty or unhealthy alternatives/snacks.


    Porridge oats release carbohydrates into your bloodstream and body slowly, therefore enabling you to sustain your energy levels throughout the day. It’s an ideal choice of food to have for breakfast.


    A surprising entry on this list, perhaps, and it’s not just good news for cinema-goers. It would be fair to say popcorn is a snack, but it is a wholegrain food and contains more fiber than many other alternatives. There’s less fat in popcorn and one serving, typically around 25g, should fill you up. Avoid the butter, salt and toffee varieties though!


    Apples are a staple of most peoples’ daily diet and are a brilliant way to stem the flow of a hungry belly. It contributes to one of your five-a-day fruit and vegetables – and is full of fiber. It’s the perfect food to have at lunchtime or mid-afternoon to keep you going, before you eat your evening meal.


    A welcome source of protein for the body and a great food to have at breakfast to give your day a kick. Eggs may be high in calories compared to other foods we have mentioned, but given the nature of their protein supply and important amino acids, you’ll feel pretty good.


    It may not be a regular item in peoples’ diet in the UAE given our hot climate, but eating soup before a meal can improve your satiety and keep your stomach ticking over nicely.

    What do you make of our top five?

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