#360fit: Three ways to banish belly fat

Sport360 staff 12:11 16/02/2017
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  • Important trio: Exercise, sleep and diet.

    Belly fat, of course, creates more fat in the body and can also lead to other problems, such as high blood pressure and feeling unhealthy.

    We store fat in two ways – one of which is under the skin, called subcutaneous, and the second of which is around the key organs, named visceral fat.

    If you’ve fallen behind on your training goals the past few weeks, we want to make sure YOU get back on track.

    Take onboard our three top tips to reduce your belly fat, so you no longer have to breath in every time you are in a  photo!

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    Yes, this sounds obvious but you don’t suddenly need to change and become a fitness guru.

    Moderate aerobic activity, of around two hours a week, can really help reduce fat and keep you healthy at the same time. Take this advice on board – any exercise is good exercise, no matter how big or small.


    This is probably the most important. Try and cut down your sugar intake as sugar is one of your biggest enemies and contributors to belly fat. Pay attention to your nutrition – cut out fatty foods, unhealthy snacks, fizzy drinks and dairy products. Simply, keep track of what you’re consuming.

    Instead, eat more fruit and vegetables and keep your portion sizes in check.


    Yes, you heard right. And it’s good news. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your visceral fat stores will increase because you’re not giving your body a chance to rest, recover and digest food properly. Between seven to eight hours of sleep is the perfect amount. A consistent sleeping routine and life pattern in general will help you get the best out of your physical and mental performance.