Are you looking to build HUGE shoulders? Try these exercises

Sport360 staff 00:05 09/03/2017
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It won’t happen overnight so don’t get too excited.

You’ll need to train three times a week for 6-8 weeks before you see any noticeable gains but stay patient with it… and before you know it you’ll be strutting around Dubai Marina with shoulders on you like Anthony Joshua.

Our top tips to help you achieve this:

1. If you are doing your upper body workout, then include at least three of these exercises

2. Do three sets of 10 repetitions

3. Take a break of 1 minute to 90 seconds.

Here are the exercises you can choose from to include in your programme:

1. Dumbbell shoulder press
2. Push-ups
3. Seated dumbbell side laterals
4. Lying rear deltoid raises
5. Barbell military press

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