Three bad office habits on your health

Sport360 staff 16:54 23/03/2017
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  • Learn to improve your office mannerisms.

    We’ve pointed out three classic problems that affect a lot of us in the office.

    But, don’t worry, they are all easily solvable.

    Take our pointers onboard and see if they can make a difference to your workflow.

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    We all have those office days when coffee just gets us through but it’s vital you drink plenty of water and stay as hydrated as possible.

    Getting fluids on board helps to increase your energy levels, improve digestion, stimulate muscles, detoxify the body and generally keep your body healthy.

    Essentially, don’t leave water out of your daily schedule and on average men should try and drink around three litres per day, while women need to consume around 2.2.


    By the time Thursday rolls around, we are all feeling a bit sluggish.

    And this is often when our posture can slip, resulting in shoulder, back and neck problems.

    It’s important you pay attention to your posture when seated and avoid slouching as well as hunching over.

    By doing this, you’ll eliminate obvious physical problems and other issues such as headaches.

    Try and sit upright with your back straight where possible – but if you’re struggling – stretch at home and complete activities like yoga or pilates to loosen up your body.


    We all live fast-paced lifestyles in the UAE and can be guilty of taking on too many commitments at any one given time.

    Whether it’s work or personal, it can be difficult to juggle everyone at once.

    Multitasking can actually lead to stress and anxiety so try and be conscious of your workload – and make time for you as well.

    Try and set daily objectives and keep a diary of your week and what needs to be done. Setting targets each day will enable you to tick off the things you’ve accomplished and end the day knowing you’ve done all you can.

    It’s important to take regular breaks and unwind too.