Five ways to work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home

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  • Make things easy: Exercise at home.

    With each of the following five workout exercises, the bonus is you don’t have to even leave your own home!

    These are the perfect physical movements to boost your heart rate, bust calories quickly and work key muscle groups throughout the body.

    To make things more comfortable, get your workout mat at the ready so you’re not putting any unnecessary pressure on your knees back and lower leg joints. This is the only equipment you’ll need.

    Take 30 minutes out of your day and kick off your weekend with a health kick.

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    Typically, you think of lifting weights and pumping iron when you hear this training term – but there’s another way in which you can create resistance – simply use your own body weight.

    A mixture of push-ups, tricep dips (find a window ledge or the edge of your bed), burpees, squats and lunges will see you use your own body as resistance and build strength.

    Complete up to 10 repetitions and three sets with each exercise, factoring short breaks in-between.


    Start in a standing position and begin to jog on the spot, whilst staying light on your toes.

    Keep the top half of your body straight and tall and work your arms in a fast and fluid motion, mimicking something like what you’d see a sprinter do during a race.

    The great thing about this exercise is that there are several adaptations which will equally help spike your heart rate.

    High knees and butt kicks work the big muscle groups like your quads and hamstrings. Complete various intervals with rest sandwiched in between.


    These are tough.

    Adopt a high plank position with your hips high and your hands and feet rooted to the floor.

    Engage your core, keep your shoulders arms width apart and form a straight line from the top half of your body to your ankles.

    One leg at a time, lift each leg off the floor and raise your knees to as close to your chest as possible, then land on the floor and switch legs.

    You can actually make this exercise harder by twisting your knees and hips inward.


    These are especially as efficient if you want to tone up and work your abdominal muscles.

    Lie on the floor on your back and press your lower back against the mat, keep your hands beside your hips and lift your legs together straight up to a 90-degree angle.

    Hold for a couple of seconds and lower them back down so you’re just about hovering above the floor, and repeat the exercise.


    And finally, a fun exercise to finish.

    The goal – to jump as high as possible. Slightly bend your knees and keep your feet hip width apart, arch your upper body and swing your arms behind you to build momentum.

    Swing your arms forward, jump forward and aim to land around a metre in front of you. Try to land
    lightly and then repeat.