Three quick pre-work out snacks

Sport360 staff 20:08 17/04/2017
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  • Getting your pre-work out meal is tricky as you need something that can help you gain maximum energy for your training session.

    As fats take longer to digest, it’s important you are taking in more carbs and protein to keep energy levels high during intense activity.

    Everyone has different preferences for pre-workout snacks, but here are our three suggestions.


    It’s not the cheapest option, but a protein bar and an espresso is an ideal and quick pre-workout snack.

    With protein bars costing AED 15 each it is expensive in the long run but convenient if you are rushing in the morning.

    An espresso is a significant caffeine booster and can help improve concentration for the rigors of a gruelling session in the gym.


    Perhaps one of the easiest and cheapest pre-workout snacks is a bowl of porridge.

    Along with a high source of fibre, porridge includes a slow release of carbs to help you train consistently for longer.

    The vitamin B in the oats also helps to convert carbs into energy quicker.

    If you add a scoop of protein, it’s also a great way of protecting amino acids in the muscles.


    Omelettes are a significant source of protein and carbs and should be eaten 1-2 hours before a workout to promote muscle growth.

    You can even load omelettes with some vegetables to make your snack tastier.

    If you’re looking to cut calories before your workout then use olive oil instead of butter.