Shaikha Al Qassemi tells us how to stay fit during Ramadan

Shaikha Al Qassemi 14:23 09/06/2017
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These exercises are great to do half an hour before breaking fast if your goal is to kick start that fat burning process.

However, if you do feel drained or tired, fuel up and have a Redbull to get you pumped an hour or two after Iftar.

Since we have very limited hours in the evening to replenish, I suggest you have a glass of water at least every hour. Many have the tendency to drink a lot of water at suhoor, this will not keep you hydrated all day, it will just increase the trips to the toilet!

Make sure you always have a bottle of water or glass to keep yourself hydrated.

Finish all the movements then allow yourself a minute’s rest and repeat one more time. In total, it should take you only 12 minutes.


Basic Lunges: Step forward make your front and back leg is at a 90 degree angle then step back to stand and switch legs.

Jumping lunges: Start with one leg in front, jump and switch so you land on opposite leg in the front.


Basic Plank: With hands under your shoulders, hold a push up position with your legs straight and back straight. Make sure you are engaging your core.

Plank up downs: Start on your hands then one arm at a time, bring one elbow down, then the next then push back up where you started.


Feet are shoulder width apart, bring your hips back and down below parallel and back up for one rep. Do as many as you can. If these feel easy, do jumping squats.


Starting position standing, bring your hands, chest and hips to the ground then jump back up for one rep.

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