Take the Right Bite and you will feel more energised every day

Hiba Khan - Writer 06:00 06/07/2017
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  • The only way is Up: The meals are delivered with a daily menu of dishes.

    Meal kit delivery services are a fantastic development in the ever-increasing health conscious trend that has taken up everyone’s lives by storm in their quest for a perfectly chiselled and toned physique.

    There are numerous meal kit delivery services all across the UAE, but for this story we will be focusing completely on Right Bite and their nutrition plan ‘Fuel Up’.

    Right Bite is a specialised centre for expert nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service that caters to a wide variety of body types and needs.

    ‘Fuel Up’ is a meal plan, specially designed for people who are always on the go, and given my recent venture into the world of fitness and athletics, I completely fit the bill to act as a right bite guinea pig.

    The two-week meal plan consisted of breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with side dishes and four post and pre-work out snacks.

    Nutrious: Each meal has a balanced intake of ingredients.

    Along with a hectic job that keeps me on my toes at all times, the meal plan was meant to give my body enough nutrition for my fitness adventures, or rather misadventures.

    The meal plan is optimised further by Right Bite’s expert nutritionists, following a one-on-one session, where they try to get insight into one’s existing nutritional habits and will help set up the online account for Right Bite.

    The website interface is super easy to navigate through and with just a few clicks of the button you can choose your menu for the whole week from an eclectic range of dishes and finally be well away on your diet.

    Having always had a skinny frame, gaining weight had always been a struggle and was more the result of my genetics than anything else.

    Therefore, going on a diet came somewhat as a shock to many, mostly because of the widespread presumption that dieting is solely for the purpose of weight loss.

    A diet can be followed as much for weight loss as it can be for weight gain, depending on the body type of the dieter.

    In my case, Fuel Up was meant to ensure a balanced intake of essential nutrients to give me sufficient energy to go through a hectic, fitness-fuelled day.

    My fitness regime consisted of daily pole fitness, aerial silk and acrobatics lessons for the sake of muscle building that is often documented on my social media.

    I undertook the diet with my weight standing at 95lbs, with a BMI (body mass index) of 17.3, with a lean mass weight of 83lbs.

    The meal kits were delivered right to my doorstep very early in the morning, with the daily menu inside.

    Delicious: Fruit and treats.

    Delicious: Fruit and treats.

    All items are carefully labelled and also include the exact amount of calories and all the necessary nutrition facts.

    The meals were perfectly portioned and were flavourful for most part, even though some items were a little bland for my taste and needed a little getting used to, but that was mostly because of my usual consumption of extremely spicy food.

    The meals were light and fresh, and were packed with just the right amount of nutrition that kept me energetic throughout the whole day.

    The most outstanding part of the plan was the wide array of choices in the menu that went from baked tandoori fish with garlicky eggplant and potato for lunch to Szechuan beef salad for dinner.

    The banana pancakes for breakfast were a delight, whereas their spaghetti bolognaise is the best I have had in a long while.

    The snacks were the absolute highlight of my days, with a diverse selection of delicious bite size portions that left me craving for more.

    Their chocolate brownie was dense and fudgy, and honestly my all time favourite, but their other snacks were just as good.

    Some of the items that deserve an honourable mention were the American chocolate cheesecake, chocolate éclairs, meat and mushroom pies, and the pineapple upside down cake.

    The meal plan was ideal in sating my otherwise insufferable sweet tooth, but some of the things that I couldn’t really acquire a taste for were the smoothies.

    The soups and salads were quite average, but then again, nothing was too unbearable as the portions were absolutely adequate.

    By the end of my two weeks, my weight had gone up by two kilos and stood at 99lbs, with a BMI of 18.1 and lean mass weight of 85lbs.

    My fat percentage went up from 20 to 21 per cent, which was a major development in my case as now I fell in the range that was ideal for athletic body types.

    All in all, Fuel Up was a boost to my fitness regimen and really amplified the effects of my aerial fitness lessons that helped me build my strength.

    Fuel Up is ideal for bulking up or getting lean; it is just one of the many amazing dietary plans that are offered by Right Bite that caters to all body types and needs.

    Whether you’re a new mum wanting to get back in shape or just want a diet for weight management, Right Bite has it all and it is easy to customise a meal plan as per your liking after just one session with the nutritionist.

    You can also sign up to Right Bite’s 20-day full Fuel Up plan, quote coupon code RBFUEL360 and get four bonus days for free. The code is only valid for one month.

    For more information on Fuel Up or Right Bite log on to www.right-bite.com or email them at [email protected]. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.