Three goals to set yourself for the second half of 2017

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  • We’re over half way through 2017 and as always the months continue to pass by quicker than the last.

    When reflecting on the year so far, are you content with what you’ve achieved, or are you yet to accomplish short term goals you set back in January?

    Don’t let 2017 be the year when you’re looking back complaining about not achieving certain goals or trying something new.

    To help, here are three targets we’ve set to make a happier finish to 2017.


    Being part of a sports club is the best way to keep fit and make friends. Spending one to two evenings a week with a team is a great method of socialising, keeping fit in a fun environment, and most importantly, taking your mind off the stressful demands of the working week.

    Whether you’re in a new country or looking for a lifestyle change at home, being part of a team is one of the best ways to boost happiness and stay healthy.


    Every year more and more people run marathons for either charities or to achieve a personal goal. There are many half and full marathons to choose from throughout the year, from the RAK Half Marathon to Abu Dhabi Striders and Dubai Marathon.

    Take the training one step at a time and don’t be worried about setting course records, just yet! The main thing is to develop a suitable training programme and enjoy challenging your body in a healthy manner.

    Don’t put it off for another year. The longer you leave it off, the less motivation you’ll have to ever do one!


    We’re spoilt with the many activities to choose from in the UAE. And with busy working schedules to balance, it’s never going to be possible to try everything.

    From paddle boarding near the Palm to a walk in the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah to a bungee jump at Dubai Autodrome, there are plenty of exciting activities to try within a short vicinity of your home.

    Why not set a target of trying at least one new activity every month? It might be out of your comfort zone but think of how you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished your target.