Learning the benefits of Body Alignment

Alex Broun 10:42 31/08/2017
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On the move: Jason and the team from Body Alignment can come to you.

The field of Sport Massage Therapy (SMT) is an exciting new frontier for fitness and health in the UAE – and leading the charge is Jason Isaac of Body Alignment Dubai. Jason knows the Middle East well as he was born and lived the first ten years of his life in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In 1999 he went to boarding school in the UK and it was here his passion for sports first developed. Rugby, hockey, cricket, rowing, athletics, judo … whatever he could play, he did. Being dyslexic, Jason found his early years at school quite frustrating.

He was always being told off for staring out the window, day dreaming about drills he could practice on the rugby pitch or winning the gold medal in judo at the Olympics.

Unfortunately his love of playing sport was cut short by injuries, which led him to seek out a life changing step, training as a Sports Massage Therapist in London.

“It was the next logical step” says Jason, “as it kept me close to the sports industry. It wasn’t until I started my course with Premier Training International back in 2007 that I realised that I had in fact found my passion.”

After beginning to practice as a therapist the same year, the next step for Jason was to start up his own practice in Dubai in 2016. But why Dubai? “It’s no secret that the fitness industry has been growing at an astonishing rate in the UAE, especially in Dubai” he explains.

“To be honest this made my decision to set up Body Alignment Dubai quite an easy one as I saw all this growth in the fitness industry and noticed the absence of SMT companies.

“I believe this is due to the lack of awareness and understanding of SMT and the vast variety of benefits it has. Dubai seemed like an ideal location to not only provide the service but to educate the public on the benefits of SMT.”

The name Body Alignment comes from Jason’s overall health and fitness philosophy. “When I started my journey to SMT I learned the vast number of benefits that SMT has on the body,” he explains, “ both psychologically and physically.”

“Although designed to increase the performance of athletes through maintaining optimal muscle functionality and speeding up the rate of recovery, in my eyes SMT is one of the most important proactive forms of injury prevention and it is available to everyone.

“The importance and benefits of SMT are easily applied to which ever sporting discipline you are involved in, from the tri athlete that suffers from lactic acid build up to the CrossFit junky that constantly suffers from DOMS (Delayed On set Muscle Soreness) allowing them to shorten times between training and push that bit harder.

“For me, the importance of SMT boils down to injury prevention which in essence is muscle maintenance. Maintaining optimal muscle functionality and muscle alignment dramatically reduces the risk of injury.”

Jason named the company Body Alignment as he “wanted our Clients to realise the importance of aligning all aspects of their wellbeing in order to have a positive, sustained effect.

“An example of this is working with Clients to implement a program that focuses on SMT treatments that complement their Fitness regime, providing a combination of pre and post workout treatments.

At Body Alignment Dubai we also focus a great deal on muscle alignment to ensure less tensile stress on biomechanical and skeletal aspects allowing the body’s movement to be less constricted.”

At Body Alignment Dubai Jason and his team take an extensive look at each of their clients’ daily lifestyle and fitness programs, providing postural analysis and muscle alignment assessments to be able to provide them with a bespoke, 100% tailor made course of treatments.

Not only this but Body Alignment Dubai can come to you, so you can have your treatment in the comfort of your own home, office, gym or even yacht!

Jason believes that prevention is better than cure and strongly urges anyone that suffers from muscular pain, discomfort or soft tissue damage to pay him a visit.

“Look at the office worker stuck at a desk all day with poor posture and suffering from neck and shoulder pain” says Jason, “not only would SMT greatly reduce their muscular tension, it would increase their range of motion.

“SMT also reduces hypertension in a highly stressed job environment through increased circulation which reduces stress levels.”

Body Alignment Dubai now have a greater diversity of clients as awareness increases: the weekend golfer that is looking to increase his drive, the commuter back and forth to the capital every day with lower back pain, the new mum that is suffering from misalignment and the pre-competition body builder looking to increase muscle definition. They treat them all.

WHAT: Body Alignment Dubai

WHERE: bodyalignmentdxb.com or call Jason on 056 154 0099.

VERDICT: World class Sports Massage Therapy, wherever you want.

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