Health and Fitness: Abu Dhabi’s women have the chance to get fit with a Lady's twist

Hiba Khan - Writer 18:24 07/09/2017
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Weight off your mind: The company provides a relaxing environment.

When New Zealand national Kate Broadbridge realised that there was a genuine lack of care or thought given to female fitness in Abu Dhabi, she decided to do something about it.

She ended up co-founding Home Fitness for Ladies in May and since then it has quickly become a onestop destination for all fitness and wellness needs of women.

“We were inspired to start this company because there was a lack of genuine care for women, fitness and health, in Abu Dhabi especially. So it was our passion to provide an amazing space for women here in Abu Dhabi,” said Kate.

The club is equipped with all the functional training equipment and is run by qualified personal trainers who provide bespoke fitness regimes to their clients.

Home Fitness maintains utmost cleanliness and privacy to help women feel safe and comfortable space for just women to take care of all their fitness and wellness needs.

She said, “It was our passion to provide an amazing space for women here in Abu Dhabi. “A place like a dream for them, somewhere that feels like home for them, they feel comfortable, it’s inviting, it’s nice and clean, smells nice, really like a dream for our clients.”

Home Fitness provides a wide range of fitness disciplines which includes BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyBalance, HIIT workout, circuit class, and pump circuit.

Ready for action: Home Fitness for Ladies prides itself on combining health with the UAE’s values.

Ready for action: Home Fitness for Ladies prides itself on combining health with the UAE’s values.

The ladies can either choose to work out in a group or can have a private room all to themselves where they can either work out by themselves with the instructor or they can bring along their family and friends.

Home Fitness instructors also provide in-home training anywhere in Abu Dhabi, so women who find it hard to make their way to the club can have the instructors come to them with all the equipment they need to help them reach their fitness goals.

The philosophy of the club is to not just help women lead healthier and fitter lives, but to celebrate Arabic values and hospitality.

Kate said: “We really care a lot about the culture of the UAE and Islam – those are very, very important things for us. Most of our clients are local Emirati women, and we have a purpose-built prayer room for our clients and even the Adhan in our classes.

“No matter what’s happening in the club. All the music is off-videos, everything – we respect the Adhan. Everything we do, our clients are in our hearts before everything.”

The club also has a healthy cafe, where they only serve healthy food that is delicious at the same time, which enables them to instil the idea in their clients that healthy eating does not have to be boring or bland.

Home Fitness is also working actively to eradicate certain misconceptions about fitness and health, in order to make the women more health conscious and aware of the little things they can change to improve the quality of their life.

A lot of people try to look for shortcuts to get into shape, but working out is a long-term investment in yourself, which requires persistence and patience.


Kate further added: “One of the barriers to our job as trainers and health advocates is to help and change the mindset of the clients in a positive way.

Instead of just a quick fix, which what some ladies are looking for, we want to help them gain long term benefits. “We want them to understand that fitness goals cannot be achieved overnight, but it’s something that requires dedication and most importantly, time.”

With its ever-growing client base, Home Fitness is rapidly revolutionising the female fitness scene in Abu Dhabi. Kate has plenty of plans for expansion in the future and hopes to change lives of women all over UAE in the coming years.

WHAT: Home Fitness for Ladies

WHERE: Anywhere in Abu Dhabi

VERDICT: A female health kick that can shape around your life

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