Health and Fitness: Sea Time’s Aqua biking is a new way to break the cycle

Sport360 staff 23:32 08/11/2017
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All-inclusive: Sessions are beneficial for all ages and fitness levels.

If you’re looking for another watersport activity other than swimming for that perfect workout, then look no further than aqua biking with Sea Time.

Only introduced in May to their schedule, aqua biking has proven to be a hit, attracting big turnouts at their sessions at Hiltonia Beach Club and Abu Dhabi City Golf Club in the capital and it’s easy to see why.

The specially-designed pool bikes, which are placed in the shallow end of a normal swimming pool, are not only fun but more importantly will leave your body feeling better.

By exercising in the water, your joints, muscles and tendons can all be strengthened as well as help improve blood circulation and building endurance.

“Aqua biking was only introduced to our schedule at Sea Time in May but in those six months or so, the feedback has been very positive,” said Zahra B, manager and owner at Sea Time.

“The UAE are fortunate to have pleasant weather for most of the year, making it ideal for water sports activities, but to be honest a lot of people don’t know about aqua biking. But when they discover it, they fall in love with it and it’s great to see so many smiles on their faces once they finish the classes.

“Exercising in water can be challenging but those who do attend will feel no pain because of the resistance of the water and body is light. There is no muscular soreness or aches at the end of the classes. It combines strength, resistance and aerobic training which is all delivered by our certified instructors. They will ensure it’s fun sessions and it’s a lot different to being outside in the water and sun rather than being stuck doing the same thing indoors in a studio.”

Various sessions across different age groups are available, starting with children aged eight and above, as well as classes only open for ladies. Mixed adult classes are also on offer. Zahra says whatever your ability, aqua biking is for everyone.


Into the blue: Aqua bikes are utilised in the shallow end of swimming pools.

“Those who are pregnant and people hoping to lose weight are welcome to join,” she said. “We also had a number of senior people, who go at their own pace and enjoy the social nature of our sessions.”

With music playing in the background, the 45-minute classes consists of a warm-up, the workout and finally a cooling-down period at the end.

“The people who attend are generally surprised about how effective aqua biking is,” said Zahra. “The movements are very easy and doable. If you do the same workout outside the water, then it would be very difficult or impossible for many of them to do.

“But with aqua biking, the heart rate lowers meaning it will also build your endurance.” Classes are held on various days at Hiltonia Beach Club and Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, and Zahra believes there are plenty of positives to joining up for a session.

“It’s a chance to be active outside and in the water, plus it’s an activity that will surely be fun,” she said. “You don’t need any big effort but after regular exercise, you will be able to see the results as it burns calories easily, works the whole body out as well as losing weight.

“Sunshine means vitamin D, which is essential for bone growth. So even when you join us for a light exercise session, you will still leave feeling revitalised and healthy.

“On top of that, it’s a great way to relax and remove the stress after a day’s work.”

WHAT: Aqua biking with Sea Time

WHERE: Hiltonia Beach Club and Abu Dhabi City Golf Club


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