Valiant Clinic’s mission is to keep you going strong

Matt Jones - Editor 00:01 01/12/2017
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Your port of call: Physiotherapist\ specialist Faraz Sethi (left).

Valiant Clinic is located on Dubai’s City Walk, which is apt as the clinic’s mission is to be Dubai residents’ first port of call for their health needs rather than leaving the UAE to seek expert medical opinions back in their home countries.

The Jumeirah-based clinic has been open for a year and is the international arm of the world-renowned Houston Methodist Hospital in USA, which has a 90-year legacy in leading medicine and works closely with the Texas city’s myriad sports teams, like the reigning World Series champions Houston Astros, NFL’s Texans and MLS’ Dynamo.

Brought to Dubai by Meraas, Valiant’s aim is to reach out to as many clubs and federations as possible in the emirate and be a point of reference for all types of athletes, from jiu-jitsu to football or casual runners to serious triathletes.

In a bid to raise their profile, they are also keen to cover events and provide medical coverage at the plethora of sporting events held in the Emirates throughout the year, like the Spartan Race, Dubai Fitness Challenge and more.

“The aim of Valiant Clinic’s physiotherapy and sports medicine department is to be recognised not only in the UAE but all over the Gulf region and amongst tourists as a healthcare provider who provide well informed solutions to problems and not just temporary enhancements,” said physiotherapist specialist Faraz Sethi.

“There has been a growing trend in the UAE for athletes, both elite and recreational, to travel abroad to their home countries, namely the USA, UK, Germany or even Qatar, to seek expert medical opinions because they feel they don’t have that option here.

“We hope the sports medicine and physiotherapy department will grow over the next few years to a substantial size whereby we have a vast array of physiotherapy practitioners and sports medicine physicians from around the world to share their experiences with staff and colleagues as well as patients.”

Those experts are from far and wide, with all physicians western qualified. The orthopaedic department is run by South African and German staff, while experts from Britain make up the sports medicine and physiotherapy departments.

Sethi himself, from Gillingham, has been in the UAE for a number of years. He worked previously at the Canadian Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi and also had a stint at long-time Arabian Gulf League side, Bani Yas.

Plenty of choice: Their experts come from different countries of the world.

Plenty of choice: Their experts come from different countries of the world.

And links with athletes and clubs is something Sethi is looking to create, maintain and develop in his new role. “Since our establishment, we have developed relationships with gyms, strength and conditioning coaches/personal trainers as well as some links with running clubs here in Dubai,” said Sethi.

“Our aim is to branch out to everyone who is involved in contact or overuse sports including jiu-jitsu athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, recreational footballers and sports and training academies and showcase the fact that we are here to offer high quality treatments and not just a temporary money fix.”

Although they aim to be a one-stop-shop for the myriad of colourful nationalities that call Dubai home, does not mean Valiant will not scour the globe to provide the perfect service.

No stone will be left unturned, meanwhile, in their search to cure the most stubborn of conditions. “We offer one to one personal care and guidance where every patient feels autonomous and valued,” added Sethi.

“The physiotherapy and sports medicine department have a wide array of expert sports medicine doctors and physiotherapists who have contacts globally. “We can always turn to them for advice for that challenging patient who has been to four doctors, had eight MRIs and two prior operations and is still suffering.

“In addition, we have an orthopedic department if the patient requires, although we try our best to treat conservatively. We truly believe in a more conservative approach and make sure to exhaust all options at hand before committing to surgical interventions.”

Sethi and his colleagues offer a variety of treatments that consist predominantly of evidence-based manual therapy techniques and exercise prescriptions in line with the current UK guidelines.

In the physiotherapy department, he also works alongside a well-equipped team of wellness experts that include a life coach, two dieticians and a psychologist. He has been left concerned by recent fitness and drastic surgery trends in the UAE and has urged caution.

Sethi said: “One piece of advice I would give is to always try and stay active but also to be careful while doing so. Over the past few years, we have seen a huge boom in unrealistic fitness trends and crazes which seem effective but have a high risk of injuries which consequently affect performance.

“Avoid surgery at all costs unless it is essential to your lifestyle. Surgery is the new fashion in the UAE followed closely by injection therapy.”

WHAT: Valiant Clinic

WHERE: City Walk, Dubai

CONTACT: For more information visit

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