Fitness trainer Jennifer Chalouhi talks us through effective exercises to get the body moving

Sport360 staff 10:28 14/06/2018
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Work out: Jennifer Chalouhi puts us through our paces

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During exercise, it’s vital to stay hydrated and ice cool Melt Water is a favourite of health and fitness trainer Jennifer Chalouhi. In a series of videos produced with Sport360, Chalouhi pinpoints the optimum times of hydration and how drinking water benefits your workout.


In the first in a series of clips, Chalouhi demonstrates simple but effective exercises you can do in the gym or at home to get in shape.

An effective lower-body exercise that works your glutes and quadriceps and also engages your hamstrings.

Body weight squats
Squats hit your legs hard, requiring multiple muscles to work in unison and stimulates growth and muscle tone.

Arm stretches
Ideal for releasing tension and increasing flexibility. Arm circles are often used as a warm-up, targeting your shoulders, triceps, back and biceps

Wrist rotations
Good for loosening up before and during a work out, especially if you’re going to be putting extra pressure on your wrists with push-ups.

Ankle rotations
This loosens the muscles and tendons around the foot. Stiffness in the ankles leads to stress in the foot and the legs, leading to knee pain, back pain, and neck pain.

Plank hip openers
Great for the core and ideal for loosening the hips. Tight hips means a tight lower back, making it harder to walk, sit, and stand.

Jennifer Chalouhi: Hydration is key to good health and fitness

Jennifer Chalouhi: Hydration is key to good health and fitness

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