Fitness fanatic Luke Morris talks us through a simple workout to strengthen the core

Nick Watkins - Writer 14:51 22/06/2018
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Fitness fanatic: Luke Morris

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During exercise, it’s vital to stay hydrated and ice cool Melt Water is a favourite of fitness lover Luke Morris who has teamed up with Melt Water to talk us through four key core exercises, that’ll keep you on top of your core strength, which is vitally important.


In the second of a series of exclusive clips, Morris demonstrates simple moves you can do, at home or in the gym, to get the core in great shape.


Lying flat on your back, extend your whole body, with your arms together above your head, then crunch your arms and legs together to work the abs.


Keeping your feet on the floor, sit in an upright position and hold a weight in front of your torso, then twist and touch it down either side of you.


This is a variation of the regular plank but with a bit of motion added in to make it a bit harder. Remain in the plank position and move up and down on your hands and elbows.


On your back again, hold some weights in the air, keeping them still, and move your legs in a scissor motion to engage your core.

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