Dubai's top running tracks and routes

FitnessLink 15:22 09/03/2016
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  • Running is a great release after a hard days work with lots of routes to choose from.

    Running is the easiest and simplest way to get fitter and is incredibly effective at making you healthier in a number of ways.

    If you’re thinking of signing up for your first running event, or even if you just want to do some casual exercise, check out these 10 running tracks in Dubai.


    Distance: 3.4km

    Safa Park is a very popular running route as it has a purpose laid running track on the outer perimeter. One lap is 3.4 km with accurate marked distances. However, as the Dubai Canal construction is underway, parts of the track have been re-designed to accommodate this, although it is still open for joggers.

    Distance: Approximately 3.5km

    For those residing in the Greens and neighbouring communities the Greens provides a great place to go for a casual run. We say ‘casual’ because this is not really a ‘track’ as such, it is a narrow walkway which runs around the Greens lakes.

    Although often populated by walkers and residents walking their dogs, it still provides a great place for a leisurely run. The route provides a nice dose of greenery and nature. For those driving to the route, there is parking along the streets of the Greens or near the Choitrams in the Greens Village shopping centre.

    Distnce: 1.4km

    Al Barsha’s Pond Park features a soft running track that encircles a pond and is marked every 100m, so it’s great for doing sprints too! There is only one entrance to the park (near Emirates NBD Bank on 316 Street, the main road running from TECOM to Al Quoz through Barsha) and plenty of parking in front of the park entrance. The park is open until 10pm every day with no entry fee.

    Distance: 2.7km

    The Palm Jumeirah Park features a great running track. The track runs alongside the monorail around the Trump Tower station, and is easily accessible from in front of the Fairmont Hotel, where you will find parking too.

    Better yet, here’s a location map. There are also playground areas for kids in the park as well as workout stations/equipment positioned along the track, including pull-up bars, so you can break up your run with other exercises along the way too.


    The Beach in JBR has it all these days, including a soft running track which runs alongside the beach. Accompanying the track are some (average) training machines along the way if you feel the need to break up your run.

    A word of advice would be to avoid trying to go for a run in the evening when the track is overtaken by beach goers and strolling families – stick to the early morning runs at this track!

    Distance: 14km 

    The new Jumeirah Corniche – the longest in Dubai – is the city’s latest leisurely beachfront addition.

    It starts from the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and continues on to the Burj Al Arab Hotel, 14 km of beautiful beach front goodness for running enthusiasts.

    In addition to the 14km track, which includes a 4m wide jogging track and 5m wide walkway, the corniche is sprinkled with rest areas and retail kiosks and is a welcome addition to the area offering ample opportunities and space for practicing jogging, walking, swimming, rowing, and other activities.

    Distance: 4.5km

    On the inside perimeter of Mushrif Park there is a cycle track which stretches 4.5km. It is used more by runners than cyclists and also has some hills. The park entry fee is AED 5 per person or AED 30 per car, and the park is open from 8:00 to 23:00.

    Distance: approximately 4km

    If you live in the Dubai Creek area, you can enjoy your run in one of the oldest parks in Dubai. The park has a running track which is approximately 4km long. The park is open from 8:00 to 23:00 daily, and Wednesday’s are for ladies and children only. Or, you can explore a bit of the city by a scenic run along Dubai Creek itself!

    Distance: 2km

    With plenty of parking, Zabeel Park offers a nice running track laid on the outer perimeter which is approximately 2km in distance. The entrance fee is AED 5 and the park is open from 8:00 to 23:00

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