Personal trainer Jennifer Chalouhi demonstrates core strength exercises for killer abs

Nick Watkins - Writer 09:51 01/08/2018
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Strong core: Jennifer Chalouhi shows us how to work your abs

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During exercise, it’s vital to stay hydrated and ice cool Melt Water is a favourite of personal trainer Jennifer Chalouhi who has teamed up with Melt Water to talk us through core strength exercises.

Core strength exercises

Renegade rows

This builds your upper body strength and core. Get yourself in the press-up position and with a dumbbell in either hand, do regular press-ups but also row the weight. This works several muscles in your upper body; your traps, rhomboids, lats, biceps and shoulders.

Russian twists with a kettle bell

In a sitting position, if you’re a beginner, keep your legs on the floor, hold the kettle bell in front of your chest with both hands and twist side-to-side. For a more advanced workout keep your legs raised. This is a great exercise for engaging the whole abdomen area.

Parallel bars

You can use these for both arm strength and core strength. Beginners, take a deep breath in, lock in your elbows and lift at the knees. For an advanced exercise you can go into a L-Sit position – tuck in your core and keep your legs straight as you lift them. An L-Sit requires more strength from your abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and hip flexors. Try and hold your legs up for a few seconds to really engage your abs.

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