Review: The Bang & Olufsen E6 Motion earphones

Dan Owen 10:58 19/06/2019
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When you think Bang & Olufsen, you think of beautiful design and spectacular sound quality.

While this may be true of speakers and traditional headphones, there is always a question mark over when these principles can truly carry over to a product that has to face the rigours of a more active user.

The runner, gym-goer and even walker have high demands these days. Comfort and quality of sound will always be high on the list, but more than ever the look of what they are wearing has to be on point.

With the E6 Motion earphone, Bang & Olufsen promise all this and a little bit more. They guarantee ‘consistent high sound performance in challenging environments’ with that signature style that gives a look that rivals just fail to offer.

Within the features, they boast materials that a made to last, authentic Bang & Olufsen sound, easy to manage controls, and five hours of playtime – with easy recharging on the go.

So how does this all stack up?

The look….

In the world of active earphones, there a few that can stack up. A sleek white exterior is embellished with classy control panels that exude style. The earphone, on first inspection, looks a little chunky compared to others, but again are beautifully styled. Whether being used in the gym, out running or more casual use, this is an earphone which is going to stand out.


The feel….

When you put the E6 Motion in your ear, you realise that initial bulky conception gives way to a sumptuous fit. Recognising that not all ears come in the same shapes and sizes, the E6 comes with an excellent array of additional ear fins for the preferred fit. Oddly, my best fit was with two different fins but that highlights the benefits of flexibility when it comes to getting the right feel.

Under pressure….

Manufacturers should all be able to deliver a good fit on a static person – but when movement is thrown in, that’s when we generally start to encounter problems. Putting them through their paces, I went through a variety of weightlifting exercises, and a range of cardio – from running and cycling to ski-erg and rower. Lots of movement, lots of opportunity for the annoyance of an ill fit. Initially there was some movement in the left ear, but with a fin replaced this was quickly abated. I did think there was going to be an issue with the placement of the left hand side control panel possibly leading to a pulling feeling, but the security of the fit meant this was unfounded.

The sound….

There is a fine balance when using earphones between a level of volume that allows you to cut out distraction, and one that can potentially open you up to ear damage. The litmus test for me in this situation is how easily you can drown out background noise – especially the often dreadful tones of the gym’s playlist. This is when the E6 comes into its own. Even at relatively low volume, the noise cancelling is incredible, placing you inside a bubble filled with supreme sound quality. Even when listening to a podcast, my preferred listening during longer forms of cardio, the result is the same – a crystal-clear delivery of sound with zero background interference. Beautiful.

As for the battery life, it’s difficult to measure minute-by-minute but it felt as though there was even a little more than the billed five-hours of playtime. The innovative charging pack that simply clips on to the unit makes topping up quick and easy.

The Bang & Olufsen E6 Motion is available now, priced AED1300.

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