Toning up with Barre workouts at Define Body and Mind Dubai

Hiba Khan - Writer 09:50 05/08/2019
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The world of fitness has left no stones unturned in its quest to find the most holistic workout regime and now the spotlight is on the Ballerinas.

The perfectly sculpted physiques of ballet dancers are the product of hours of grueling training regimes and part of their workout involves the use of Barre, a horizontal wooden bar that helps dancers to fix their alignment, improve stability and basically warm up.

When Barre workout emerged as the latest trend in the industry, it naturally underwent numerous tweaks to become the sweat fest it is today. Combining basic ballet moves, yoga, Pilates and weight training, Barre aims to condition and strengthen the whole body.

We caught up with senior instructor and general manager of Define Body and Mind Dubai, Ivy Scott, to give us an insight into the regime and the overall effects of the exercise on the body.

“Barre is a 60-minute rhythm-based, high intensity, low impact workout. It is designed to target all major muscle groups to create leaner and longer muscles. Each instructor will focus on developing proper alignment and form to help the client improve strength and flexibility,” she said.

The exercises make the body suppler and expands the range of movements. Barre exercises helps achieve good levels of flexibility and nimbleness that protects the body from any pulls or tears, and the stretch reflex prevents and alleviates various muscular pains as well.

Barre workouts are designed to enhance one’s balance and body awareness that are often overlooked in high-impact workouts. The improved balance and muscle awareness in turn prepare the body for more explosive movements and gets it to perform efficiently.

Given the nature of the workout, the exercises are often heavily associated and marketed as being exclusively for women, but that is definitely not so and Scott insists that the workouts are in fact suited for all genders.

She said: “We encourage men to take at least one Barre class in their lifetime. No-one should underestimate the burn that you will feel in their thighs during the workout.

“There is no other workout like it and no other method will sculpt your body the way Barre does. It’s 60 minutes of intense, sweaty FUN.”

Define Body and Mind offers daily Barre classes that you can easily book online. For more information on the classes, log on to

What: Barre classes
Where: Define Mind and Body, Silverene Tower, Dubai Marina
Contact: 04 421 6377

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