Magic of TCM Shanghai Chinese Medical Centre's Tui Na Massage

Hiba Khan - Writer 16:08 21/10/2019
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  • If you are scared of needles, but still wish to give Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a shot, then Tui Na massage may be a good way to dive into this vast realm of alternative therapies.

    Considered to be the oldest system of bodywork, Tui Na massage falls under the category of acupressure, which is one of the four branches of Chinese medicine alongside qi gong and herbal medicine.

    The whole idea behind Tui Na massage is to restore balance and harmony within the body by targeting specific acupoints. It’s similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, the practitioners use their fingers to stimulate these points.

    Jun Cai, Director of Administration at TCM Shanghai Chinese Medical Centre, claims that the power of the human hand as a healing agent has had a long history in Chinese Medicine.

    “If you’re looking for an alternative, holistic approach for a physical ailment or just overall wellness, Tui Na massage may be an effective option. Tui Na massage can improve blood circulation, increase range of motion and is effective in nerve regulation,” she told Sport360.

    “Tui Na is often used when acupuncture cannot be used, such as with children or adults who are afraid of needles. The practitioner systematically applies pressure to different points and parts of the body to remove obstruction in energy pathways and increase the body’s vigour and vitality.”

    The massage is great for relieving stress, enhancing blood circulation and metabolism, improving quality of sleep and reducing muscular tension and pain. Cai insists that since massage is a form of naturopathy, it can be used as a medical massage and sports massage.

    Having experienced the massage first-hand, I can definitely attest to the therapeutic effects of it and how helpful it is in easing aches that are triggered by a sedentary lifestyle.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is quickly gaining a lot of popularity in the UAE and all over the world.

    Earlier this year, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which had long been hailed for its unique methods to treat and prevent diseases, received WHO acceptance.

    The biomedical community was divided on this decision, but while the advocates of TCM rejoiced at this development, there was a vast majority who treated this move by WHO with great contempt.

    Regardless of the vitriol, TCM has attracted a lot of praise and the lack of evidence that can consolidate its position in the biomedical sphere, TCM Shanghai Chinese Medical Centre has a host of satisfied customers, who have benefited from the therapies available at the centre, specifically Tui Na.

    You can book a session by logging on to their website or call them on 04 886 2862.

    WHAT: Tui Na Massage
    WHERE: TCM Shanghai Chinese Medical Centre
    VERDICT: Great for athletes to enhance their range of motions and ease knots/ache caused by a sedentary lifestyle