Sport360 review of Whisper Mattress

Hiba Khan - Writer 11:02 15/12/2019
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  • We’ve all grown up hearing the dictum that eight hours of sleep is essential for the human body. This means that a normal individual spends nearly 33% of his or her day sleeping. While these days, most of us may often find ourselves compromising our sleep to accommodate other activities that we deem more productive, research has shown mounting evidence underlining how central these eight hours are in maintaining our physical and mental health.

    In order to ensure a good night’s sleep, it’s necessary to have the right conditions, such as lighting, temperature, and the quality of the mattress and pillows. Fortunately now, the amount of research that supports the importance of sleep has become directly proportional to the sleep technology that is coming out in the market of late, Whisper mattresses being one of them.

    Whisper 1

    What is Whisper?

    Whisper Mattresses and Pillows are the product of three decades of research and development of technology, fabrics and foams that enables users to wake up feeling rejuvenated. The data was collected through feedback from sleepers and material engineers who worked hard to find the ideal material for sleeping products.

    Their mattresses are ergonomically-designed using quantum foam and are precisely engineered to provide the best sleep possible while improving the sleeper’s spine alignment and cradling their pressure points. The quantum foam is a kind of open-cell foam, which is breathable, thermo-regulating, and also contains silver that kills bacteria and dust mites.

    Whisper is the only company in the region that offers this particular feature, which is the integration of silver shield technology with a grounding cable that supposedly creates an invisible, protective dome over the sleeper and prevents all electromagnetic waves from entering one’s sleeping area to ensure restful sleep.

    Dominik Zunkovic, founder of Whisper, has worked tirelessly to not just make Whisper UAE’s leading online mattress retailer, but his team is constantly innovating to make this technology more accessible to everyone in the country and provide them at a better value.

    “We cater to those who want to indulge with all the comfort with its 4 cm Quantum Foam Layer, 6 Layers of Comfort, and 28cm of Support and patented Silver Shield Technology for EMF Waves Protection,” said Dominik Zunkovic.

    “We believe in the innovative use of modern technology and high-quality materials for our products. There is a lot more to be done, and you can count on it that WHISPER will be bringing our customers even more choices and options in the future.”


    Our experience

    On paper, Whisper seems to be like the panacea of all sleep-related problems, but never hurts anyone to put these claims to the test and we, at Sport360, are always ready for such challenges.

    My queen-size Whisper mattress was delivered to me in a box by a Whisper representative who helped me in laying it out and ran me through the basic features of it.

    One side of the mattress is slightly firmer than the other, so one can flip it based on their preference.

    One thing I noticed off the bat during my first night on the mattress was how remarkably soft, yet supple it was. It adapted perfectly to my body and was almost like getting a hug from a loved one after a long day at work.

    Leading a fairly active lifestyle, which includes weekly sessions of calisthenics and pole fitness, I often come home battered and bruised – pole fitness enthusiasts can attest to the latter – I was very surprised to notice that there was significant decline in various aches and pains that I would often complain about. I also don’t wake up with numb arms anymore.

    Not only was I sleeping better, but I was sleeping deeper and wouldn’t wake up nearly as much as I used to.

    Having used the mattress for almost a month now, I can definitely say that there are some major changes that I have seen in my sleeping patterns that I previously did not pay much heed to.

    All in all, Whisper really did deliver everything that it promised and is definitely worth trying. Whisper offers 100-nights risk free trial and along with free delivery all across the UAE.

    The Whisper Mattress is available in 12 sizes with price starting at AED 1,699. To place an order, or to know more about WHISPER, visit Sport360 readers can use the code SPORT10 to avail a discount of 10% on their purchase.