Swim your way to a six-pack with ‘Get Speedo Fit’ programme

Sport360 staff 22:52 15/06/2015
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No need to go to the gym to get fit.

Move over sweaty gym socks, crowded aerobics classes, and achy joints, Speedo is building on its core mission to inspire more people to get into the pool with its ‘Get Speedo Fit’ programme.

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Swimmers of all levels and abilities can visit the ‘Get Speedo Fit’ website, where tutorial videos, workout plans, challenges and equipment make up what Speedo hopes is one-stop solution to help swimmers get the most out of logged pool time. 

A central component of the programme is the Speedo Fit app, which offers functions to track swims, set goals and compete with friends.

For those interested in more of a challenge, the app’s ‘Swim Goals’ function allows swimmers to‘ ‘virtually’ swim the world’s most far flung bodies of waters, including the Amazon.

If swimming lengths isn’t challenging enough, tutorials and info graphics about Speedo Training Aids, such as Aqua Dumbbells and Kickboards, pepper the programme, and make what is already an impact-free, muscle-building workout into a more challenging fitness regime.

The aids fall into four categories of use based on a swimmer’s desired fitness outcomes: Strength, Endurance, Technique or Calorie Burning, making it easier to attain cardiovascular health or create the perfect six-pack.

Speedo has always prided itself on its innovative technologies and the work of the Speedo Aqua Lab figures largely throughout the programme, and especially in the design of the Body Positioning Range of suits for men and women.

The chlorine resistant costumes are designed to support the core, and activate muscles responsible for attaining a longer, stronger stroke.

“We firmly believe that swimming is the best and most effective way to get fit,” said Elise Barrett, Speedo Brand Manager for the UAE and GCC,

“By encouraging people to try swimming, or taking a different, more challenging approach to their regular training programme, and arming them with tools to do so in a comfortable, performance-enhancing way, we are hoping to help individuals lead healthier, more active lives, in and out of the water.”

Those eager to dive into the Get Speedo Fit programme should visit www.getspeedofit.co.uk and download the “Get Speedo Fit” app free from the iTunes store. 

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