#360fit: What part of the day is best to workout for optimum results

NutritionSouq 16:34 29/11/2015
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  • Everyone is different and we all perform at our peak at different times in the day.

    Planning when to workout is essential for success. Here are some body performance factors to consider when coming up with your workout schedule and how to plan your workout schedule for optimum results.

    Only a regular exercise plan and good nutrition will get you the body you desire. This is a well-known fact. Nonetheless, very few manage to create and stick to a schedule let alone create one that is as convenient as it is effective. Since the body performs better at specific times, there is more to planning your workout schedule that just choosing a plan that best suits you. Here are some body performance factors to consider when coming up with your workout schedule.

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    Everyone is different and we all perform at our peak at different times in the day. There are the ‘early birds’ who wake up early in the morning with loads of energy and the night owls, who stay up late and prefer to workout late in the evening. These are only two examples, but everyone has their own rhythm.

    The circadian rhythm is the average clock that the body runs on. Here is a summarized review of the different interest points in a normal circadian rhythm and how we can benefit from this rhythm at different points in the day.


    • Highest testosterone levels for the day.
    • Mental alertness is highest in the late morning.
    • Your memory is at its best.
    • Your body temperature is still low.


    • Low body energy at noon.
    • Your adrenaline and body temperature raises steadily throughout the late afternoon.
    • Mental and physical function equilibrium peaks in the late afternoon.
    • Maximum pain tolerance.


    • In the evening, your stamina, body temperature and coordination will be at its peak.
    • Your lungs will be performing at their best.
    • Mental focus will be dwindling.
    • Body strength and flexibility is at its best.


    • Your body will begin generating melatonin, the sleep hormone, in preparation for sleep.
    • All your body performances, from concentration to physical mobility drops, as your body prepares for sleep.

    Your body will handle aerobic training much better in the afternoon.

    Nutrition Souq Tip – Late Afternoons Are Awesome, 2pm-6pm:

    General Exercise in the afternoon:

    Research shows that your body performs at its peak when its temperature is at its highest (late afternoon). Moreover, working out in the late afternoon will let you leverage your heightened physical/mental balance.

    Strength training in the afternoon:

    According to Dr. Hill, your strength is at its highest at around midday and early afternoon. This is the right time to do a strength workout. Also, anaerobic exercise like sprinting or cycling will work best at around this time when your anaerobic performance is at its peak.

    Better endurance in the afternoon:

    Your endurance rises by up to 4% in the afternoon. This means that your body will handle aerobic training much better.

    Less susceptible to injury

    Working out in the afternoon will reduce your chances of getting injured. Your body temperature is at its peak, hence your muscles are flexible. Your strength and coordination is also at its peak.

    These statistics can help you come up with a general guide when choosing a time to workout. The goal here is to combine your circadian rhythm with your daily schedule and come up with a workout plan that lets you benefit most without disrupting your day-to-day activities.

    Article provided by: Nutrition Souq