#360fit: How to boost your immune system

NutritionSouq 21:14 23/12/2015
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  • Vegetables and fruits contain about 85% of all the nutrients, enzymes and minerals that the body needs daily.

    Juicing is a great way to increase your daily vegetable and fruit intake. It also keeps you healthy while boosting your immune system and encouraging weight loss.

    There is always something for everyone when it comes to juicing, since there are unlimited variations. Vegetables and fruits contain about 85% of all the nutrients, enzymes and minerals that the body needs daily.

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    If you struggle to consume all the nutrients required daily due to a busy schedule – then this is where juicing becomes quite useful. You can take your pre made juices on the go or quickly have a glass at home. The benefits of juicing are endless.

    Even though Juicing is very useful it shouldn’t replace a well balanced diet, but complement it. Here are some of the benefits of juicing and how juicing can help you shift some unwanted pounds.

    Advantages of juicing

    • Juicing is a great on-the-go meal for those with busy schedules.
    • Juicing can help you pack in your daily quota of fruits and vegetables.
    • The risk of illnesses such as heart disease can be reduced by getting nutrients and enzymes contained in fruits and vegetables.
    • You can juice vegetables and fruits that are about to go bad, thus saving money and ensuring food is not misused.
    • Juicing strengthens your joints, boosts brain function and makes your hair, skin and eyes healthier.
    • Juicing gives the digestive system time to rest, allowing cells to repair themselves. Drinking a glass of juice daily will help to restore your overall health.
    • Juicing does not use processing methods thus is free of toxins, chemicals and preservatives.
    • Juicing, combined with a balanced diet, can help you to lose weight because a glass makes you feel full for longer.
    • Juicing prevents dehydration.
    • A glass of juice daily can help to dramatically increase energy levels.

    Juicing for weight loss

    A great way to start juicing is to try the 5:2 Juicing Diet. This diet is fairly non-committal and will ease you in gently. With this diet food isn’t completely replaced with juice but used to boost health and prevent over eating. Here’s how it works:

    • Eat a normal well balanced diet for 5 days of the week
    • Drink only juice for 2 days of the week (these can be consecutive or non-consecutive, we find consecutive works better)
    • Be sure to follow the golden rule of 80% veg and 20% fruit when juicing to reduce the calorific content and increase the nutrient density in the juices.

    Follow this diet for a few weeks and see if you notice the number on the scales dropping and your energy levels increasing. This diet needn’t be followed forever but merely until you reach your target weight, that said juicing to keep a healthy weight and for overall health could be a lifestyle choice you choose to adopt.

    How to juice

    1. Gather the ingredients you need to create your juice.
    2. Peel the fruits and vegetables that have really tough skins.
    3. Stems and leaves that won’t go through the juicer should be removed.
    4. Wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly in clean water.
    5. Slice the vegetables and fruits so that they can fit into the juicer shoot.
    6. Push the ingredients slowly into the juicer.
    7. Drink the juice immediately after making it or store for later consumption.

    Juicing requires important nutrients needed in a daily schedule.

    5 awesome juice recipes


    – 1/2 ripe pineapple
    – 2 cucumbers
    – 1 bunch of mint

    – 1 cup watermelon
    – 1 cucumber
    – 1 bunch of basil (5-6 leaves)


    – 1 Small bunch of red grapes
    – 1 cucumber
    – 1 bunch rainbow chard
    – 1/2 bunch parsley
    – 4 stalks celery
    – 1 medium size beet
    – 1/2 habanero or jalapeno pepper (optional but it’s awesome!)


    – 3 whole green apples
    – 1/2 lemon
    – 1 whole yellow pepper
    – 1 inch of ginger


    – 3 cucumbers
    – 1 bunch kale
    – 1/2 bunch parsley
    – 1/2 bunch spinach
    – 1/2 bunch swiss chard
    – 1-2 lemon or lime (peeled)