10 ways to make you feel happier in 2016

NutritionSouq 20:48 07/01/2016
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  • Keep fit and stay happy in 2016.

    Happiness is the most positive of emotions and something we all desire. Being happy means a more fulfilled and healthier life.

    Be at your happiest with these 10 science backed ways to make you feel happier this 2016.


    Practising the art of meditation has many benefits. Quietening the mind from the daily mental noise can leave you feeling less stressed, happier and give you clarity of thought. Research shows that meditating regularly can lead to greater happiness. As little as 8 weeks of regular meditation can have a great impact on your daily life.


    Spend More Time Outside

    Ahhh, the great outdoors. During the winter months the UAE has so much to offer. Spending your time cooped up in your apartment and villa can leave you feeling low. Spend more time outside and enjoy the fresh air. The Desert, beaches, parks and stunning coastlines are all fantastic places to spend time and explore.

    Laugh More

    Oh laughter. There’s nothing quite like a good laugh. When was the last time you laughed? Surrounding yourself with people who make you smile and laugh more can indeed bring you more happiness. Start taking life less seriously and laugh more, whether it be at movies, other people or even yourself.

    Listen To More Music

    Research has shown that listening to music really can make you happier. Not any old music though, you should be listening to upbeat music which is far more likely to lift your mood. It works best if you consciously put music on which you will make you happier. Create playlists of upbeat tunes or tunes that remind you of happy times.

    Exercising your body and surround yourself with like-minded positive people.

    Learn To Let Go

    Baggage? Letting go of traumatizing past experiences and memories can feel like a weight off your shoulders. Of course this isn’t easy. Meditation can really help with this. Learning to let go takes time, but little by little you will feel those negative emotions disappear and make way for happiness. Having a good friend or partner you can talk to makes all the difference.

    Spend Your Money On Experiences

    Fast cars, jewellery, clothes; they all make you happy for a while, but it’s experiences that really pave the way to long term happiness. This year think about being less materialistic and spend your hard earned cash on experiences that will stay with you forever. It’s not always about keeping up with the Jones’.

    Call It Yellow Mellow

    The colour yellow has been scientifically proven to lift the mood and bring happiness. So, paint your bedroom yellow, pop on a yellow t-shirt  or furnish your house with sunflowers and every day that little bit of extra sunshine will be in your life.


    Practice Yoga

    Yoga covers so many bases. It’s all about you. Exercising your body, meditating, releasing negative emotions, surrounding yourself with like minded positive people; the list is endless. Yoga has recently been popularized and for good reason, it has a huge array of benefits and will leave you feeling happier and more connected with your inner emotions and the emotions of those around you.

    Exercise Often

    Exercise, exercise, exercise. The king of de-stressors and feel good generators. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which naturally lift your mood. It may not seem so at first, but the more you do it the greater the feeling of joy becomes. Exercising with others also helps you stay motivated so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Join a local fitness group so you can lose weight, tone up, improve your self confidence and be a happier, smilier individual.

    Nutrition Souq Tip: Try http://www.meetup.com/reachyourmax/. A FREE local meetup group for fitness classes accepting all levels of fitness.

    Join a local fitness club to improve your self confidence.

    Be A Part Of Something

    Do you have any hobbies? If so, continue to pursue them this year and enjoy every moment of them. Hobbies can be a chance for you to improve yourself and can even be a journey of self discovery. If not, think about a hobby you’ve always wanted to start. There are countless groups of like minded hobbyists around who can be act as a great support network when starting out and you never know you might even meet a lifelong friend in the process.

    Nutrition Souq Tip: Try www.meetup.com to find an endless array of social groups where you can discover and learn new things.

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