Car of the week: February 13th – Nissan Patrol Le Platinum

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There are some vehicles out there which have an intimate relationship with the Middle East to the extent that they have become part of its history.

One such vehicle is the awesome Nissan Patrol which, since the 1950s, has been part of the UAE’s motoring heritage with some families owning every generation of what has become an iconic SUV.

You’ll see plenty of them on the roads here, including the mid-sized early models which still retain their appeal and arguably look just as good if not better than the massive luxury vehicle the Patrol has now morphed into.

Like me, you will almost certainly have had a close encounter with a Patrol on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

They are vehicles that, more than any other SUV, seem to attract drivers who enjoy seeing how close they can get to your rear bumper without actually hitting you and then dazzle you with a manic display of flashing lights until you get out of the way.

I put this irritating behavior down to the fact that driving this vehicle does give you a sense of superiority.

I was looking forward to trying out the latest version of the Patrol which has had a minor facelift.

There wasn’t much wrong with the old Patrol so the tweaks are mainly cosmetic and include a new front bumper and muscular front chrome grille pattern.

It also has new 20-inch alloy wheels and LED headlamps.

These give the Patrol a slightly more sophisticated and aggressive look which suits it.

The Patrol has a commanding yet classy stance – it is huge, which is why there are grab-handles to help haul yourself aboard.

Once inside you are enveloped by a luxurious interior with lashings of leather and wood.

It is so spacious you could move in with the entire family and live happily ever after with all the comforts of home including independent DVD entertainment systems on 7-inch monitors to keep back seat passengers entertained.

You really do feel like king of the road in this vehicle which literally opens up new horizons.

You are so elevated that scenery you never knew existed is revealed and cars I once considered large seem to shrink in the presence of the Patrol.

I didn’t take it off-road but the Patrol’s reputation as an extremely capable vehicle in difficult terrain speaks for itself.

Its on-road performance is also mighty.

It is very comfortable, powerful and stuffed with all the driver assist technology you could want for normal driving and taking on the challenges of off-road with modes for sand, on-road, rock and snow.

The infotainment system, operated via an 8-inch touch-screen, is impressive and comprehensive.

We had the Patrol LE Platinum VVEL DIG model.

VVEL stands for Variable Valve Event and Lift, which is basically valve timing technology which makes the engine more efficient and responsive.

DIG is simply Direct Injection Gasoline.

It is powered by a 5.6 litre V8 engine with 400bhp and 560nm of torque, delivering power to all four wheels via a seven-speed automatic gearbox which also had a manual mode.

The handling is excellent for something this big and you quickly become accustomed and almost addicted to its size, the panoramic view it provides, and the confidence it gives you on and off-road.

You feel indestructible.

More than 14,000 Nissan Patrols were sold between January and September last year across the Gulf region, a 41 per cent increase on the same period in 2012.

Expect the success story to continue this year because the latest Patrol remains hugely impressive, literally.

Why Buy It

  • Premium SUV
  • Patrol prestige
  • Excellent on and off-road
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Great driving experience

Why Not

  • Difficult to find fault with what is a superb SUV but it does have good rivals and for city driving some might find it too big

Nissan Patrol Le Platinum – Specifications

Manufacturer : Nissan
Production : 1951 to present
Class : Luxury SUV
Body style : Up to seven seats
Layout : All wheel drive
Engine : 5.6 litre V8
Transmission : Seven-speed
automatic with manual mode.
Output : 400bhp
Torque : 560nm
0-100km : N/A
Kerb weight : 2,795kg
Top speed : N/A
Price : From Dh305,000 

Rating out of 10: 9

Here is the official advert for the Nissan Patrol Le Platinum

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