Car of the week: August 21st – Audi RS6 Avant

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Aesthetic Audi: Audi RS6 Avant.

Available from

Al Nabooda Automobiles- Dubai: Tel: 04 378 4444

Ali and Sons- Abu Dhabi: Tel: 02 665 8000

Take the superb engine that pow­ers the stunning RS7, place it in a car that looks aggressive enough to do 12 rounds with Mike Tyson at his peak and emerge triumphant, add enough space for the kids and luggage and you have the Audi RS6 Avant, one of the most versatile cars ever built.

This is one of those cars that oozes magnetism. As soon as you see it you just know you are go­ing to be impressed. It is perfectly designed, as all Audi Avants are, in my opinion, spacious, is luxuriously comfortable and blisteringly quick. There’s not much else left without stepping up into supercar territory.

Like its smaller brother, the RS4 Avant which I test drove a few weeks ago, this car ticks all the boxes but faces a problem unique to this part of the world. Because no matter how good this Audi is, it has to convince people that they are better off in what is a high-perform­ance estate car, or station wagon, with loads of space, rather than an SUV, which it has to be said, is king here in the UAE.

That doesn’t mean I would write off its chances here because it is su­premely good and having driven it, I am totally convinced that it will lure a few away from the big 4x4s. Okay, I accept that you can’t take the RS6 into off-road terrain in this part of the world, but the thrill of driving this machine on tarmac might just be enough to compensate for that. Alternatively, of course, you could always buy both if you have deep pockets.

I have already spoken about the magnificent aesthetics of this machine and the interior is equally awesome, designed to provide the ultimate driving experience.

Our car had honeycomb quilted black Valcona leather seats with contrasting heavy stitching in crim­son red with carbon fibre inlays and centre console. I am a big fan of the Audi instrument cluster which is ultra-modern and not overly fussy and in this car there are white dials on a black background and red nee­dles.

The RS logo features on the flat-bottom multi-function sports steering wheel, the gear lever, tachometer, and the driver infor­mation system’s retractable large colour screen. The driving seat is truly an inspiring place to be.

But it is the engine and the way this car handles, with its legendary Quattro four-wheel-drive system, optional RS sport suspension with dynamic ride control and sport differential which helps eliminate understeer or oversteer while cor­nering, that makes this beast such a pleasure to drive. The 4-litre en­gine is actually a downsize from this car’s predecessor but it packs a real punch thanks to its twin-turbo technology.

It catapults this car from 0-100kmh in just 3.9 seconds, delivering awesome power to the wheels via a very smooth short-shift 8-speed tiptronic gearbox and the noise that comes from that V8 via the sports exhaust system is like rolling thunder.

If you don’t want to take advan­tage of all that power which is on tap, then it has a COD system (cylinder on demand) which will shut down four cylinders at low engine speeds making it fuel efficient. As you would expect, this Audi is equipped with the very latest MMI infotainment system and cuttingedge driver assists to ensure ultrasafe motoring.

High-end quality comes at a price and this car is not cheap, starting at Dh450,00 and our test model which was loaded with options, actually costs Dh516,000 but you do get an awful lot of Audi for your money.The RS6 Avant does straight into my personal list of the top ten cars I have driven. It deserves to be a success, even in the land of  the SUV.

Why Buy It

Stunningly aggressive looks
Fabulous engine
Very quick
Ultimate versatility
Audi quality

Why not

One of the best cars I have driven but that comes at a hefty price and although it is four wheel drive it’s not for off-road.

RS6 Avant – Specifications
Manufacturer : Audi
Production : 2013 to present
Class : Luxury estate
Body style : Four-seater
Layout : All wheel drive
Engine : 4-litre V8
Output : 560bhp
Torque : 700nm
0-100km : 3.9 seconds
Transmission : 8-speed tiptronic
with paddle shifts.
Kerb weight : 2010kg
Top speed : 280kmh
Price : From Dh450,000

Rating– 9/10

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