Michelin safety tips (Week 5)

Sport360 staff 18:01 30/10/2014
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Pressure pivotal: Make sure your tyres have the correct pressure.

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Adjusting the pressure of your tyres for more safety

300 KG IN THE PALM OF A HAND. What comes to your mind?

Do not underestimate the importance of tyres! Tyres are the only part of the vehicle that touch the ground. 

► Maintaining the correct level of pressure is an essential factor for the safety and durability of your tyres. Road grip can be affected by over or under-inflation of the tyre.

► Grip is reduced which increases your braking distances.

► The vehicle trajectory is more difficult to control and its performance is reduced.

► If your tyres have pressure of 14 psi or more below normal, they could fail.

► On wet roads, with under-inflated tyres, the risk of aquaplaning increases.

Our advice: Check the pressure of your tyres when cold, preferably once a month and before every long journey.

This is a simple, free of charge act that will allow you to reinforce your safety.

Do you know when you should change your tyres?

Your tyres have to be changed at least every five years after the manufacture date, even if they seem to be in good condition.

If this is not the case, here is some advice to follow.

1. The tyre is damaged. In case of an impact or flat tyre, only a professional can tell you if the tyre can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

2. The tyre has signs of external aggressions. Cuts, uneven wear or deformations are all signs that compromise the performance of your tyre,can reduce the grip and compromise your safety.

3. The tyre is worn. The depth of the tread of your tyres has to be over 1.6mm for a summer tyre and 4mm for a winter tyre.

Below this, the safety level is insufficient and the tyre has to be changed. Making an annual appointment with a specialist is the best thing to do.

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