Giant G4x4 Squared and GLE Coupe AMG star alongside S-63

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Rock of the family: The spectacular G4x4 Squared.

Mercedes will have one of the best stands at the show with the spectacular G-500 4×4 Squared, a host of new SUVs including the gorgeous AMG GLE 63 AMG Coupe, the S63 Cabriolet, the C-Class Coupe, the incredibly luxurious Mercedes-Maybach Pullman and the new A-Class amongst others.

The German marque continues to thrive in the Middle East market, despite uncertain trading condition during the last year and have invested heavily in the Dubai International Motor Show.

Dirk Fetzer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Daimler Middle East, said: “This show is a very, very important event for Mercedes. Last time we got an award for our stand and this year we have a brand new concept, so hopefully we will be able to repeat that.

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“The show has a regional relevance in the sense that it is happening in Dubai for the region and we at Mercedes feel that the whole industry in this country needs to show that there is success, growth and potential and we definitely do that.

"This will be our biggest investment in the show with the stand that we have and we are absolutely committed to this region from the board to all of our teams.  

“We feel it is extremely important that we show the customers that Mercedes-Benz is the number one choice. 

“You are going to see way over 20 cars with four local premieres shown to the public so we are extremely excited. For the first time in the region we are going to show the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, The G4x4 Squared, S63 convertible that people may have seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the C63 Coupe. 

“The other cars are equally exciting and we have an SUV offensive which includes the AMG GLE Coupe which is important to us but we are also very successful with our sedans and new luxury compact cars.

"The A-Class and the new GLA are beyond our imagination when it comes to success so putting this show together was difficult because we are in the luxurious position with so many cars which people will want to see.

"I can’t really pick out one of our cars as the star of the show but for lovers of SUVs our range of vehicles crowned by the G4x4 Squared is going to be popular. The sheer size of this vehicle is very impressive.”

Despite cautious spending in the region during the last year Mercedes have continued to thrive.

Fetzer added: “At Mercedes we had a record year in 2014 and we are blessed with a portfolio which carries us through any wind and weather. Yes, you always want to sell more but we are in a very lucky situation and are managing very nicely.  

“Our portfolio gives us a great opportunity to also target younger customers and our new generation compact cars are more successful in this region than we could have hoped for.  

“We found out that the customers in those cars are exactly the young target group we want to bring to the brand, while continuing to  look 
after our other regular  customers by always enhancing our products.”

Frank Bernthaler, CEO Automotive of the Al Fahim Group and EMC in Abu Dhabi, the capital’s distributor of Mercedes, says his company has experienced a profitable year.

He said 2015 will be another record year but said the Dubai Motor Show was vital to bring the brand closer to its current and future customers.

New addition: The awesome AMG Mercedes GLE 63 Coupe.

He said: “In spite of the challenging market conditions, we have managed to sell more cars than in 2014. A motor show is the perfect venue to present the company and showcase all your strengths in a compact manner. 

“It is an important communication tool to engage with a wider audience, who normally do not enter our showrooms. 

“I am pretty sure that there will be many visitors who will be surprised of the wide range of exciting and breathtaking models offered by Mercedes-Benz, especially younger audiences who will notice that the brand is no longer the ‘brand of my father’; on the contrary, ‘sons and daughters’ can now identify themselves with the brand and our products and this is a good thing, especially in such a diverse, young and restless society like the UAE.”

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