Roll Racing: Time to put your driving skills to the test at Dubai Autodrome

Alex Broun 14:50 03/03/2018
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Ever wanted to test yourself and your car on a real race track?

Well here’s your chance with Roll Racing DXB at Dubai Autodrome.

Roll Racing is an exciting new initiative aimed at taking racing off the streets and into a safe and controlled environment.

Held regularly on Thursday nights at the Autodrome, Roll Racing DXB is modified drag racing.

You and your car race against another vehicle from a rolling start of 40kph followed by a drag race of 250m down the straight at the Autodrome.

The event is open to both cars and SUVs. At a recent event even some novelty vehicles took part – such as mini minors and combi vans – but most of the cars have a little more firepower.

Only two cars race at a time at this carefully controlled event where safety – and fun – are the top priority.

Held twice a month – all year – between 50 and 100 cars roll up for each event and around 1,000 spectators pack the grandstand, which provides some real racing atmosphere.

Roll Racing has become one of the Autodromes most popular events for a number of reasons.

Get ready for some real drag racing at Dubai Autodrome

Get ready for some real drag racing at Dubai Autodrome

Firstly it provides a platform for road users to use their cars to their potential in a safe environment.

It also raises awareness of the dangers of driving dangerously or speeding on the road.

Why drive your car dangerously on the road – risking accidents and heavy police fines – when you can see what it can really do on one of the region’s top race tracks?

By providing this valuable community service Dubai Autodrome has built Roll Racing DXB into a sustainable event which is also developing important new community links.

See what you and your car can really do on the race track

See what you and your car can really do on the race track

The running order for each Roll Racing DXB night is as follows:

Vehicles and drivers arrive at Dubai Autodrome at 19:00.

All vehicles then undergo a basic safety check for any obvious issues and drivers receive a safety briefing before going on circuit.

Vehicles then move out to the circuit and line up in a two by two formation. You get to choose who you will race against.

As pairs of cars reach the starting position they are counted down – like a real race – and drag race for 250m ending at the finish line.

Once the drag race is complete the drivers slow down and cruise around the circuit to their original positions.

They then get to choose another partner to race against and do it all over again. Depending on how many other cars are there you could race ten to twenty times in one night.

For a true racing experience this is one not to miss.

Registration is AED420 per car – you can book online – with spectators just AED20.

What: Roll Racing DXB
Where: Dubai Autodrome
When: March 29 from 19:00
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