LeBron James' son Bronny Jr nearly throws down dunk in front of cheering dad

Jay Asser 16:43 25/06/2018
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LeBron James with his sons Bronny Jr (l) and Bryce (r).

LeBron James remains the best player in the world, but we may only be a few years away from seeing his son take the NBA by storm.

If you haven’t heard, Bronny Jr is a pretty good basketball player in his own right and at the age of 13, he’s already doing things that are getting his dad hyped– like nearly throwing down his first dunk in a game.

Playing in the Balling on the Beach AAU Tournament in Miami on Sunday, Bronny Jr stole a pass, raced up the court and took flight for a dunk attempt that was just off the mark. He didn’t stick the landing, but you didn’t need to squint too hard for Bronny Jr to look like LeBron.

The play got dad out of his seat and busting out some dance moves and it’s not inconceivable LeBron could be celebrating similar plays by his son as a teammate down the road.

Bronny Jr is only entering eighth grade, but he’s already received scholarship offers from top-tier programmes like Duke and Kentucky, according to ESPN.

His development may be so important to LeBron and the family that it could potentially play a factor in James’ free agency decision this summer.

There have already been rumours that LeBron has scouted out high schools in the Los Angeles area, where Bronny Jr could be exposed to better competition than he’s so far faced living in Ohio.

James has also stated that sharing the court with his son would be “the greatest achievement of my life”.

In footage released by James’ multimedia platform UNINTERRUPETED earlier this month, LeBron said: “You want to ask me, ‘What was the greatest achievement in my life?’ If I’m on the same court as my son in the NBA. That would be No1 in my lifetime as an NBA player.

“I’ve thought about it because my son is about to be 14, and he might be able to get in there a little early.”

Bronny Jr could reach the league earlier than usual because the NBA are reportedly considering doing away with the one-and-done rule, which requires prospects to wait at least one year after high school before entering the draft. If the change comes, it may take effect as early as 2021, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

Bronny Jr is set to graduate high school in the summer of 2023, which means there’s a chance we could see father and son playing together as soon as five years from now.

What a sight that would be.

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