Gameplaysport: A platform assisting people in the most efficient way

Sport360 staff 16:44 21/02/2015
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  • With hundreds of classes starting every hour in Dubai, enables people to find an activity around them in just a few clicks.

    Gameplaysport is an online platform that helps people find activities to do around their respective area. With more than 180 clubs and more than 1000 activities, Gameplaysport offers a class for everyone.

    For clubs it’s a great way to increase their exposure and provide up-to-date information about their latest schedule and classes. 

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    What problem is it solving?
    With hundreds of classes starting every hour in Dubai, it can be challenging to find the right activity and to know where and when to go. enables people to find an activity around them in just a few clicks. 

    Who’s behind the operation?
    The Gameplaysport team is made up of two sport enthusiasts who face the same challenge in finding the right activities in Dubai: Ghazwan Hamdan, a serial entrepreneur passionate about Crossfit and Digital, and Jad Berri, ex-Microsoft Xbox manager in love with online businesses and water sports.

    The problem: The platform came from a common problem people constantly faced. It’s really hard to know what sports are happening around you. We as consumers are probably the most impatient generation of our time, and will get worse as we grow. 

    Also lots of clubs out there don’t really have a home. Their sites are out of date; they exist on non sport specific platforms, like Facebook, trying to get in your news feed and not quite reaching because they don’t spend enough money.

    Currently users search on Google 2/3 times, go to website, can’t find what they want on the clubs website, go to Facebook page of the club and can’t find it and give up. This is a missed opportunity for the club. It really should not be this hard in 2015.

    Also we are no longer a society that does one sport. The typical sporting community does a variety of sports, and being better at yoga, will help you be better at cross fit, and being better at endurance training, will help you runner further etc. Gameplaysport can really help people discover new sports.

    What we do: The platform is an aggregator for all sporting classes and activities in Dubai. You can go on the platform and see what classes are happening in a variety of sports in different locations around the city. We have over 1000 classes’ added and over 300 clubs on board with 30 sporting categories.

    We don’t want to stop at clubs. Take a look at the 100’s of personal trainers out there, who essentially a find their clients through luck or word of month. How do you find out about them and their classes? It’s tough. We want to house these guys too, give them a home, where they can attract more people for their personal session or group classes. They can showcase their schedule on the platform for free.

    What do we provide clubs?

    For clubs, it’s a great way to get more exposure, as the platform is essentially a giant sporting schedule for classes in Dubai. 

    Having classes on GPS would only increase exposure to their club, rather than staying within their silo digital entities and hoping that they show up on Google searches. Our platform is slowing rising up the search engine rankings and will give the clubs a better opportunity to be found.

    Competition in Dubai with clubs is increasing. The sporting market is growing 15% each year and it’s quite hard for clubs to be seen without spending a lot of money.

    GPS wants to eradicate all of this and be the one stop shop for clubs classes in sport within your community.