XDubai Skatepark celebrate Go Skateboarding Day along with Dubai Police

Hiba Khan - Writer 00:32 25/06/2018
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For those who often find themselves wondering whether Skateboarding is a real sport or not, they’d be delighted or dismayed (depending on their opinion of this activity) in learning that not only is it a sport, but an Olympic one now as well.

The sport of skateboarding is all set to make its debut in the 2020 summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

However, even before this activity became a worldwide phenomenon and was elevated to the status of an Olympic sport, skateboarding was a prominent subculture that valued creativity, risk and freedom.

The skateboarding community even have a day set aside for them to celebrate and promote their values, which is known as the Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) held on June 21 every year that also happens to coincide with summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

As skateboarders around the world celebrate the spirit of the sport, UAE’s ambassador for action sports, XDubai contributed to this day with festivities of their own as part of their initiative to promote and foster skateboarding talent in the country for the upcoming Olympics.

Go Skateboarding Day was held on Thursday, June 21 from 18:00 at the XDubai Kite Beach Skatepark, which was open to skateboarders four-years old and up and spectators of all ages and walks of life.

XDubai and DUbai Police to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day 21 June 18 LR

Dubai Police were also present at the skatepark to join in the celebrations with a supercar showcase and commend attendees on responsible and safe skateboarding as they showcase four of their famous supercars.

53-year old Dubai-based personal trainer Andy Irwin was one of the many attendees along with his nine-year-old son, Preston, who shares the same passion for this action sport.

“Skateboarding was invented in 1977 when I was about 12-years old, so it was the perfect timing for me and I have been skateboarding ever since. I am a personal trainer, I lift weights in the gym and skating is the only cardio I do and it has kept me quite fit,” said Andy.

Sport360 also spoke to Andy’s spirited son, who talked about his love for the sport and emphatically added that he aims to be a professional skateboarder when he grows up, which brought a genuine smile to his father’s face as he proudly declared, “that’s my boy.”

Andy and Preston were one of the many father-son duos who were part of the Go Skateboarding Day celebrations.

There were many competitions as well with great prizes to get everyone involved and incentivized skateboarders in the region to brush up on their basic skills and technique, which is what the judges are looking for who also offer points based on the complexity of the trick.

Since its launch in January 2016, XDubai skatepark has provided a platform for the region’s growing skateboarding community.

The largest and most advanced skatepark of its kind in the region, the 3100m2 park caters to both novice and experienced skateboarders alike as it blends seamlessly into its vibrant beachside neighbourhood with a shaded parklike setting.

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