Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2020: Top 12 last-minute tips for runners

David Cooper - Writer 09:00 20/01/2020
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Are you running in the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on January 24?

Here’s our top 12 tips for running a successful race!

1. SETTING GOALS: Is there a time you want to achieve? Whether it’s your first or 10th time competing a 42km, 10km or 4km distance, have a time in mind to race towards on Friday.

2. BE CONFIDENT: Nerves are normal in the days leading up to the race, so just relax and assure yourself that you’ve trained well to help achieve your desired time

3. SLEEP WELL: If you don’t get proper sleep the night before the race then don’t worry. It can be difficult as your mind is active with pre-race thoughts. Aim to get a good night’s sleep on the days before.

4. DAY BEFORE THE RACE: From socks and shorts to shoes and a t-shirt, try to have everything prepared on Thursday so you’re not rushing around early on race morning.

5. BREAKFAST: With the race starting at 7am, have a banana as soon as you wake up. A small snack will be easily digested by your body.

6. TRAVELLING TO THE VENUE: Check Google Maps the morning before the race to give you an idea of the time to get from your home to the race location. It’s important to give yourself enough time to travel to the venue as there could be traffic on the way. It could take time to find a parking spot and the taxi may not be able to drop you off as close to the venue as you might like.

7. WARM UP: When you arrive at the venue go for a short jog and stretch to loosen the muscles. You can gauge here whether your shoes are tied too tight or too loose, something that you don’t want to realise a few kilometres into the race.

8. DURING THE RACE: The pace might feel fast at the start but relax and go at a speed that suits you. There will be pacers so slip into a group that you feel comfortable with. If it’s too fast for you then drop back. If it’s too slow, move up and maintain your speed.

9. WATER: Keep drinking water at various points throughout the race. It is important to keep the muscles hydrated and regulate your body temperature so take in water every few kilometres. If you’re feeling tired then take an energy gel during the second half of the race.

10. STRUGGLE: If you’re struggling, just keep going. It might be uncomfortable but you’ll feel 100 times better once you cross that finish line. If you want to walk for a minute, then walk, but keep pushing the legs until you finish.

11. THE FINISH LINE: Have an energy drink, a banana and some water straight away.

12. FINAL TIP: It’s a great experience to say you went through a training programme, no matter the distance, and completed the race. Besides the strong finishing time that everyone wants, the main thing is to enjoy it.

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