Three of boxing's greatest Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalries

Sport360 staff 12:08 17/08/2015
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With the highly anticipated Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez fight heading to Las Vegas in November, Sport360 looks at three of the biggest bouts between Mexican and Puerto Rican boxers in years gone by.

What do you remember of these match-ups, did we miss any off the list and who do you think will win between Cotto and Alvarez? Share your thoughts across social media by using #360Fans.

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SALVADOR SANCHEZ vs Wilfredo Gomez (1981)
This was superfight in its truest form and saw the birth of the historic rivalry between the two countries. Still considered Puerto Rico’s best ever fighter, Gomez was the bigger puncher but was dropped by huge left hook in the opening round – he never recovered.

A barrage of rights in the eighth from the Mexican forced the stoppage.

This was another old fashioned beating handed by the Mexican warrior. Both predicted a knockout prior to the unification showdown but neither were right. From start to finish Chavez was the aggressor, pounding Camacho until his face was left battered and bleeding.

A dominant performance saw Chavez win a lopsided decision.

FELIX TRINIDAD vs Oscar De La Hoya (1999)
Awful decision in the end but the size of this fight means it warrants a place on the list. In an era when heavyweights dominated the boxing landscape, this was the richest non-heavyweight bout in history.

It was a chess match which De La Hoya seemed to get the better of, but Trinidad was awarded the victory by two of the three judges.

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