Mackenzie Dern: Jiu-jitsu champ looking to make an impact in MMA

Denzil Pinto 08:54 28/04/2016
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  • Mackenzie Dern.

    What a difference a year makes. Just 12 months ago, Mackenzie Dern, who stands 1.57m tall and weighs 55kg, created headlines in the jiu-jitsu world by stunning nine-time world champion Gabrielle Garcia (1.88m) at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championships en route to gold in the Absolute Class.

    Having returned to the UAE capital where she successfully retained her weight title last week, the 23-year-old will be looking to make another impact when she competes in her mixed martial arts debut for Legacy FC in July.

    She caught up with Sport360 to explain her decision to compete in MMA, her thoughts of a possible rematch with Garcia and why she rates UFC superstar Ronda Rousey so highly.

    You’ve had quite a strong career in jiujitsu. How long have you been considering a move into MMA?

    I’ve been training in MMA for two years now and I didn’t want to make the decision until I was familiar with combat sport. I wanted to accomplish some things in jiu-jitsu but after I accomplished those, then I wanted to make the transition. It all depended on how I did. If I didn’t get the world titles, then maybe I wouldn’t have made the transition now.

    If I don’t like competing in MMA, I can always come back to jiu-jitsu. But, I don’t want to have a long MMA career. One day I want to have kids and get married and have a life, too. If I could win one world title in submission grappling, ADCC and MMA that would be so cool.

    Do you think the MMA training has helped you become a better jiu-jitsu fighter?

    Since I’ve been training for MMA for two years now, I’ve accomplished all my goals. I think my MMA training helped me a lot in becoming better in jiu-jitsu. It was extra training but it’s all different.

    What’s the reason for going straight into the professional category in MMA rather than starting in amateur?

    It’s to do with my jiu-jitsu background. If I was to begin at amateur level, it would be hard to find an opponent because everyone is trying to build their record. Potential opponents may Google me and find that I’m a world champion in jiu-jitsu and then wouldn’t want to fight me.

    Mackenzie Dern Pics (Read-Only)

    A lot of MMA fighters have made the transition but have failed on the striking element. How will you ensure you don’t fall into the same trap?

    I’m training a lot and I feel like I’m getting a lot better. I’m a jiu-jitsu girl and when I’m in a fight, I’m not going to try and stand up. No matter how good I feel, I will always look to get down on the ground – that is where I know my strength is. I’ll always try to get to the ground and I don’t think I can be someone who strikes. If I get one knockout, I will be happy.

    You’ve been training with Benson Henderson, how much of an influence has he had on your development?

    He’s so good. Besides being a team-mate, he’s a good friend of mine. He motivates me a lot and sends me videos to watch so that I can learn new techniques. I like his style so much and I really want to be like him. He’s so humble. Everything that he has accomplished in UFC and MMA, and what training he has done to accomplish those things, makes it very motivating for me. If the training worked for him, then that’s what I need to do. It’s better to have someone who knows what it takes to become a champion by your side.

    Who do you look up to in MMA?

    Definitely Fabricio Werdum – who has three world titles. That’s where I got my inspiration because that’s what I want to achieve as well.

    I also like Holly Holm. I like the way she kicks. I wish I can kick like that. It’s really nice because she came from a boxing background and that’s similar to me. I also like Joanna Jedrzejczyk because she is so fast.

    Ronda Rousey has done a lot for women’s MMA and has opened the doors for us. All the girls are so tough but at the same time, I respect them. But for me, it’s about focusing on me and not worry too much about them.

    Mackenzie Dern reclaims title for Black Belt 55kg and takes home gold medal (Read-Only)

    You mentioned that Ronda Rousey paved the way for women in MMA. Is she someone who deserves a lot of credit?

    Before her, there was no one else who caught the attention of Dana White. She was the girl who did it. Since they have put her in UFC, look at the opportunities all the other girls have. The girls train just as hard as the guys. No woman could pay for a house from doing MMA. I don’t necessarily agree with her style or the way she acts. But what she’s done for MMA is something I’m grateful for.

    Gabrielle Garcia has made her debut in MMA, did you get a chance to see her bout and what were your thoughts?

    I think it’s great to see her there. We don’t talk to each other and we’re not friends. She comes from jiu-jitsu and of course I wanted someone from the sport to win. I was surprised that she would go to the ground sooner but took a knock-out. It definitely motivates me that I can do it as well. At the same time, hopefully I can motivate girls too.

    Would you ever like to compete against her in MMA?

    Definitely not. She’s too big and one of her punches would hurt my face badly. Definitely, I would love to compete against her in jiujitsu. Some people think I was lucky (to win in Abu Dhabi) but I want to show people that I can beat her again. I know I can beat her, but obviously I can lose. She’s the one who needs to prove something that she can beat me. She has nothing else to prove, but people talk and I would love to show it wasn’t just luck.

    UFC is the big one. Is that the one you have your eyes on?

    Yes, for sure. Hopefully by next year I could be introduced in that competition. I’m totally focused on MMA but jiu-jitsu is still in my heart. Just to be in UFC, it would be good. I want to create a legacy and don’t want people to forget my name. My goal is to be a champion in UFC.