Bounce your way to fitness at Dubai’s indoor trampoline park

Barnaby Read 11:29 05/06/2014
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Airbourne: Bounce Dubai duo Gregg Davies (l) and Danny Leicester (r) perform tricks on the air bag.

Sitting behind Dubai’s World Trade Centre, at the entrance of the industrial maze that is Al Quoz, is a warehouse decked out with trampolines that is sure to breathe new life into the UAE’s fitness world.

Bounce INC has made its way over from Australia and Dubai is the chosen city for the franchise’s initial foray into foreign markets.

Vibrant and fun, the brand’s image runs through the facility on Street 4B like blood through the veins; both natural and necessary. From the shocks of pink, blue and yellow that plaster the edges of the ‘tramps’, through the energetic Bounce referees, the reality show auditioned staff, it is as infectious as the action itself.

“We’ve got bright, bold, in-yourface colours and then a 20,000 square foot warehouse that’s been fully converted into sprung floors and trampolines. So you can’t help but get excited by that,” says Bounce Master Doran Davies.

One thing is for sure; Bounce is an addiction and you will be left desperate for that ‘one last jump’.

“Bounce originated in Australia and came from an idea in the States of having a warehouse full of trampolines and we thought we could make it a whole bunch better,” explained Experience Manager Greg Campbell. “It’s been running for almost two years out in Australia; they have four sites open and are opening more and we’ve brought it to Dubai. 

“We created a trampoline park and added elements of Parkour,” added Davies. “We used the design team to create an outdoors environment inside, to create a much more edgy environment where we’re attracting people who feel that extreme sports are normally pretty inaccessible. We’re giving them the opportunity to get airborne and experience that rush.”

Whether you are hurtling towards the giant airbag practising your flips, slam-dunking the basketball hoops or battling ‘The Wall’, you will be leaving yourself in the hands of gravity with just your spacial awareness and bravery as companions.

The Wall is definitely the most difficult area in the building, but the resident expert, Danny Leicester, makes a mockery of the three-metre Wall in style and grace that can only be performed by an acrobat with a history of gymnastics.

Bounce Dubai is as vast as it is fun. Eighty-six trampolines laced with 12,000 springs, three basketball hoops and two dodgeball courts are scattered throughout with a cafe area upstairs serving as a breakout room for parents and participants in need of a breather.

“Everyone that we’ve spoken to so far, everyone that’s had a sneak peak at the venue, has been excited by it,” said Davies. “When you walk into the venue for the first time, you just get colour and activity around you.”

It is certainly something different and exciting, and opening in the summer months will actually work in the company’s favour. Whether you’re looking for a kids’ party destination, somewhere to work out with a smile on your face or you’re in need of letting off some steam, get down to Al Quoz.

As for Bounce’s business? Take a running jump and watch it take off.

WHAT: Bounce INC
WHEN: Open now, Sat-Wed: 10:00-22:00; Thur: 10:00-midnight; Fri: 09:00-midnight
COST: Visit for prices. AGES: From 3+ years, call Bounce INC for further details.
Sport360 VERDICT: A complete departure from the traditional form of fitness training, Bounce promises to inject plenty of excitement into routines that might look easy but are actually very challenging and fun.
CONTACT: [email protected], +971 4 3211 400

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