Tom Brady makes history with his 500th career touchdown pass in New England Patriots' win

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Tom Brady made history by tossing his 500th career touchdown pass in the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots‘ 38-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

The 41-year-old is only the third quarterback in NFL history to reach the mark, and he made it with a 34-yard throw to Josh Gordon in the end zone.

The 2018 Super Bowl runners-up got off to a strong start and had opened up a 21-point lead by halftime, but then saw a significant portion diminish with a touchdown pass by Colts’ Andrew Luck.

Indianapolis closed the gap to 14 and came within seven in the fourth before Brady’s historic hurl saw New England pull away again.

The Patriots quarterback said: “I think all these things like that, milestones, there are so many people that contribute, all the people that have really worked hard.

“A quarterback doesn’t throw to himself.”

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Tennessee Titans and Chicago Bears deserving of leaps in NFL power rankings entering Week 5

Jay Asser 4/10/2018
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The NFL landscape continues to shift week after week, at least apart from the two remaining undefeated teams.

Once again the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs took care of business to keep their stranglehold atop their respective conferences.

Below them, the Tennessee Titans and Chicago Bears have each made a strong case for more respect. With how shaky some of the other favourites have looked, it’s not inconceivable that the Titans and Bears could end up being a force in the playoffs.

Find out where all the teams stand in our latest power rankings heading into Week 5.

1. Los Angeles Rams

Record: 4-0 | Last week: 1

They’re the clear favourites not only in the NFC, but all of football as Jared Goff looks like an MVP frontrunner.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 4-0 | Last week: 2

Patrick Mahomes continues to produce the kind of magic on a week to week basis that would unsustainable for mere mortals.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 3-1 | Last week: 4

They keep winning with their tried-and-tested formula, which is rely on the defence to gets stops.

4. New Orleans Saints

Record: 3-1 | Last week: 5

Their defence finally stepped up with an encouraging performance against an opponent with dangerous weapons.

5. New England Patriots

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 8

Predictably, they rebounded with a commanding win that reminded the rest of the league they’re not going anywhere.

6. Carolina Panthers

Record: 2-1 | Last week: 6

They’re coming of a bye and with how volatile the teams outside of the top tier have been, a week off could be even more valuable.

7. Tennessee Titans

Record: 3-1 | Last week: 17

There’s something to be said for a team pulling out close game after close game, even if it isn’t always pretty.

8. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 3-1 | Last week: 13

Even though they’ve been without Joe Mixon and A.J. Green for stretches, their offence hasn’t missed a beat and continues to impress.

9. Chicago Bears

Record: 2-1 | Last week: 18

Mitchell Trubisky won’t play that well every week, but with that defence, he won’t have to for them to rack up victories.


10. Green Bay Packers

Record: 2-1-1 | Last week: 9

Even though they blew out a bad Bills team, Aaron Rodgers and the offence haven’t looked that promising.

11. Baltimore Ravens

Record: 3-1 | Last week: 14

It’s becoming clear their defence is one of the best units in the league and Joe Flacco is doing just fine.

12. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 3

There’s reason to be concerned for the defending champions, who have looked unconvincing in the secondary.

13. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 1-2-1 | Last week: 7

So, their defence may not be as bulletproof as we originally thought, but they still have one of the most talented rosters.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 1-2-1 | Last week: 10

It may seems like the sky is falling in Pittsburgh, but considering their track record, they should figure things out.

15. Los Angeles Chargers

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 15

They didn’t play well and managed to secure a win against the 49ers – funny because it’s usually the other way around for them.

16. Washington

Record: 2-1 | Last week: 16

It’s difficult to gauge just good they are, especially with them coming of a bye week.

17. Miami Dolphins

Record: 3-1 | Last week: 11

They had a chance to really establish their place in the AFC hierarchy, but in typical Dolphins fashion, they fell flat on their face.

18. Denver Broncos

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 20

Despite the loss, they showed they their defence can rise to the challenge against arguably the best attack in the league.


19. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 19

Injuries have really hampered their defence, which is not doing the other side of the ball any favours.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 12

Fitzmagic is officially dead and it’s unlikely Jameis Winston can come close to the same heights.

21. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 22

Losing Earl Thomas saps the defence of even more talent and continuity, which will only make Russell Wilson’s life harder.

22. Dallas Cowboys

Record: 2-2 | Last week: 23

Dak Prescott finally threw for more than 200 yards and had an effective game, which was desperately needed.

23. Cleveland Browns

Record: 1-2-1 | Last week: 21

It wasn’t Baker Mayfield’s fault they became Oakland’s first victims and they should be better going forward.

24. Houston Texans

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 29

They could have just as easily been left with a tie had it not been for Frank Reich’s bold call in overtime, but there are signs of life.


25. Detroit Lions

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 25

Between their talented group of receivers and the emergence of Kerryon Johnson, their offence alone should be able to win them games.

26. New York Giants

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 24

They’ve not scored at least 30 points since January 2016, which is a scarily long time for such a streak.

27. Indianapolis Colts

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 26

With the Patriots on the way in a short week, they’re in real danger of dropping four of their first five.

28. Oakland Raiders

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 31

It took multiple things to go their way for them to earn their first win, but maybe that’s what they needed to get going.

29. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 30

They’re not going to be a playoff candidate with C.J. Beathard, but maybe Kyle Shanahan’s system can give them a chance most weeks.

30. New York Jets

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 28

After such a strong Week 1, they’ve fallen back down to Earth in a major way, especially Sam Darnold.

31. Buffalo Bills

Record: 1-3 | Last week: 27

Okay, so it seems like that performance against Minnesota was a fluke, but that’s the kind of unpredictability you get with Josh Allen.

32. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 0-4 | Last week: 32

Even though Josh Rosen didn’t look good against Seattle, all the Cardinals should be worried about is his long-term development.

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New England Patriots returning to full strength entering meeting with 'rival' Indianapolis Colts

Jay Asser 3/10/2018
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Just a week ago, the Patriots were on the verge of a crisis, but as they head into Thursday’s meeting with the Indianapolis Colts, the feeling in New England has flipped.

The reigning AFC champions are on the upswing, having righted the ship with a 38-7 beatdown of the Miami Dolphins this past weekend following a concerning 1-2 start to the season.

Though they’re already heading in the right direction, the Patriots now get two more reasons to feel confident: the return of Julian Edelman after his four-game suspension, and an opponent they’ve owned in recent years.

With Edelman back, Tom Brady will once again have his most trusted receiver as part of his arsenal.

It’s been almost two full seasons – 31 games to be exact – since Brady and Edelman have shared the same field for a regular-season game, as the wide receiver missed all of last year with a torn ACL.

When he’s been at Brady’s disposal, Edelman has been a target vacuum and reliable safety valve in the middle of the field – something that has been missing in the offence this season as New England’s receivers have often struggled to create separation.

While Edelman will carve up defences from the slot, the Patriots should also start to have more of a vertical threat in Josh Gordon, whose time on the field figures to increase after getting his feet wet against Miami.

The physically-gifted wideout only saw 18 snaps this past weekend, but contributed with two third-down receptions to move the chains, along with a key block on a rushing score and a penalty drawn to afford New England a fresh set of downs.

However, based on the recent history between the Patriots and Colts, it’s not as if Bill Belichick’s side needed much more ammunition entering the match-up.

The ‘rivalry’ has been one-sided since the departure of Peyton Manning, with New England winning the past seven meetings – including two playoff showdowns – dating back to 2009.

And some of those clashes featured an Indianapolis team that was one of the best in the conference – a far cry from where the Colts currently stand.

Even with Andrew Luck back under centre, Indianapolis have looked middling on both sides of the ball. Luck has managed to move the ball with quick underneath throws, but has had no support from the running game, which ranks 29th in the league with 72.0 rushing yards per game.

While the Patriots are getting reinforcements, the Colts are expected to be without several key players on Thursday, including wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, tight end Jack Doyle, left tackle Anthony Castonzo and running back Marlon Mack.



As if Indianapolis needed any more motivation to beat New England, they may have a little extra juice to get revenge on Josh McDaniels.

The Patriots’ offensive coordinator was all but bound for the Colts’ head coaching job this past offseason before pulling out in the eleventh hour after agreeing to contract terms.

As such, Indianapolis had to scramble and settle for Frank Reich, who made the move from the Philadelphia Eagles, where he was the offensive coordinator for the Super Bowl champions.

McDaniels’ decision was painful for the Colts, but it was made even worse by the fact that their rivals were behind it.

The players may not care as much as Indianapolis’ front office and ownership, but it does add another chapter in the feud between the two franchises, coming a little more than three years after Deflategate.

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