Los Angeles Chargers and Minnesota Vikings jump into top 10 in NFL power rankings entering Week 8

Jay Asser 02:22 24/10/2018
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  • The San Diego Chargers beat the Tennessee Titans at Wembley last Sunday.

    Now seven weeks into the season, the good teams are starting to separate themselves from the middle of the pack.

    The Los Angeles Rams continue to lead the way with their flawless run, but behind them teams like the Los Angeles Chargers and Minnesota Vikings are creeping back up to the top.

    Even Washington are beginning to make their case as one of the contenders in the NFC after another win.

    See where all the teams rank in our latest power rankings heading into Week 8.

    1. Los Angeles Rams

    Record: 7-0 | Previously: 1

    Aaron Donald joined the party this week by destroying the 49ers as the Rams kept chugging along to remain unbeaten.

    2. New Orleans Saints

    Record: 5-1 | Previously: 4

    Winning outdoors against the top-ranked defence was no small feat and proved just how tough the Saints can be.

    3. New England Patriots

    Record: 5-2 | Previously: 5

    Injuries to Rob Gronkowski and Sony Michel are concerning, but the Patriots offence has really found its rhythm.

    4. Kansas City Chiefs

    Record: 6-1 | Previously: 2

    Their defence bounced back after giving up 43 points to New England by smothering the Bengals to show improvement.

    5. Los Angeles Chargers

    Record: 5-2 | Previously: 15

    They didn’t play well in London, but did enough to get a win on a day they were without top playmaker Melvin Gordon.

    6. Minnesota Vikings

    Record: 4-2-1 | Previously: 13

    Winners of three straight, the Vikings’ defence is looking like itself again while Adam Thielen continues to carve it up on the other side of the ball.

    7. Carolina Panthers

    Record: 4-2 | Previously: 6

    They’re going a bit under the radar and even though Philadelphia are struggling, a 17-point comeback on the road is impressive.


    8. Baltimore Ravens

    Record: 4-3 | Previously: 11

    It’s hard to be too critical of the Ravens after a rare extra point miss from Justin Tucker cost them a shot at the Saints in overtime.

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Record: 3-2-1 | Previously: 14

    They enjoyed a bye this week in more ways than one as every other team in the division suffered a defeat.

    10. Washington

    Record: 4-2 | Previously: 16

    They’ve been winning ugly, but they’re wins nonetheless and in the lacklustre NFC East, that’s all they need.

    11. Green Bay Packers

    Record: 3-2-1 | Previously: 10

    After getting a bye to rest up, their credentials will be put to the test against the Rams and Patriots in consecutive weeks.

    12. Cincinnati Bengals

    Record: 4-3 | Previously: 8

    Everyone gives up points to the Chiefs, but Cincinnati’s defence looked particularly horrid in a dispiriting blowout.

    13. Philadelphia Eagles

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 12

    The defending champions’ rope is getting shorter and shorter as they continue to dig themselves a deeper hole.

    14. Chicago Bears

    Record: 3-3 | Previously: 9

    It’s a problem that the Bears defence can’t hold up unless a healthy Khalil Mack is wreaking havoc against opposing quarterbacks.

    15. Seattle Seahawks

    Record: 3-3 | Previously: 21

    They almost surely won’t catch the Rams in the division race, but this is still a team that can grab a wild card spot.

    16. Houston Texans

    Record: 4-3 | Previously: 24

    Houston are starting to click after reeling off four straight wins, with their latest against Jacksonville their best one yet.


    17. Miami Dolphins

    Record: 4-3 | Previously: 17

    Brock Osweiler has actually been decent in relief of Ryan Tannehill, but the Dolphins defence is doing him no favours.

    18. Atlanta Falcons

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 19

    Their defence took a step forward this week and if they can maintain that level of play, Atlanta’s offence can get them to the playoffs.

    19. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 3

    After a promising start to the season, they’ve hit a rough patch as they’ve dropped three in a row? Can they regain their footing?

    20. Detroit Lions

    Record: 3-3 | Previously: 25

    Don’t look now but the running game is picking up speed with Kerryon Johnson as they’ve won three of their past four.

    21. Dallas Cowboys

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 22

    The trade for Amari Cooper better give them a jolt because they paid a premium and have few other avenues to improve offensively.

    22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Record: 3-3 | Previously: 20

    They had to eek out a win over Cleveland in part because Jameis Winston is a turnover machine.

    23. Tennessee Titans

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 7

    Mike Vrabel should be applauded, not criticised, for having the gall to go for the win on the two-point conversion.

    24. Denver Broncos

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 18

    Their smack-down was laid on what may be the worst team in the league, so they still have more to prove.


    25. Cleveland Browns

    Record: 2-4-1 | Previously: 23

    They just can’t finish off contests as they keep falling in close game after close game.

    26. New York Jets

    Record: 3-4 | Previously: 30

    They’re wildly inconsistent on a week to week basis, so it’s hard to know what team you’re getting.

    27. Indianapolis Colts

    Record: 2-5 | Previously: 27

    The success of the running game this week was incredibly encouraging for a team that has often struggled to threaten on the ground.

    28. New York Giants

    Record: 1-6 | Previously: 26

    They’re too talented, at least on the offensive side of the ball, to have one win through seven weeks.

    29. Buffalo Bills

    Record: 2-5 | Previously: 31

    Somehow, Derek Anderson wasn’t really an upgrade over Nathan Peterman, which is not a good sign.

    30. San Francisco 49ers

    Record: 1-6 | Previously: 30

    They ran into a buzz saw with a back-up quarterback, so the results were hardly surprising.

    31. Oakland Raiders

    Record: 1-5 | Previously: 28

    Amari Cooper wasn’t exactly thriving, but the Raiders are still worse today after trading their number one wideout.

    32. Arizona Cardinals

    Record: 1-6 | Previously: 32

    Maybe a change at offensive coordinator can give them a bit of life because whatever they were doing before wasn’t working.