Sport in the UAE - Going Out - Take to the water and learn to swim at Absolute Swimming Academy

Sport360 staff 08:20 15/05/2017
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Swimming is not just a fantastic exercise, but also a life-saving skill.

Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise and have fun in the hot summer months, so there’s no reason not to learn or improve your skills.

But it’s not just children who can learn at Absolute Swimming Academy, which has over 1,200 kids in its Learn to Swim programme. The Academy is also calling on adults who aren’t comfortable in the water to learn the vital skill.

Emma Hutchinson, director of Learn to Swim at Absolute Swimming Academy, believes there’s more to swimming than just enjoying pools or beaches.

“Out of all the people who spend their time like this, I believe a large number of them are adults who cannot swim,” said Hutchinson.

“The reasons for not knowing how to swim varies from bad experiences to not having the luxury to access pools regularly.

“Something we all need to know is that it is possible and it is never too late to learn.

“Parents often want their children to flourish in activities they were never able to do, but sometimes let their fears take over and their children then miss out. Swimming and water safety is an important asset and an amazing life skill to own, and you are not alone in wanting to learn. Swimming is a great way to exercise and has many health benefits that follow.”

Taghred Chandab, a 40-year-old Australian mother of four, recently learned to swim through her lessons with Absolute Swimming Academy in March.

Absolute Swimming Academy have special programmes for adult swimmers.

Absolute Swimming Academy have special programmes for adult swimmers.

Chandab’s desire to swim was part of her ‘40 before 40’ challenge for things she wanted to tackle before turning 40 years of age. The challenge captured the attention of Virgin Radio host Kris Fade, who aired Chandab’s story on his show.

“When you grow up in Australia you just know how to swim,” Fade said. “You don’t get taught, you just know how to swim,” he said. “Moving here to the UAE it was surprising to me to realise that there were people over the age of 21 who don’t know how to swim.”

The Kris Fade Show then joined up with Absolute Swimming Academy to recently organise a swimming lesson for some of the show’s listeners at Le Meridien Hotel in Garhoud. Two-time Olympian and dual European swimming champion Velimir Stjepanovic was also on hand to support the swimmers and encourage them to face their fears in the water.

Absolute Swimming Academy are hoping even more adults can learn the essential skill and it’s never to late to learn through their Learn to Swim programme.

WHAT: Absolute Swimming Academy’s Learn to Swim programme
WHERE: Venues across Dubai
WHEN: Offered throughout
CONTACT: Email [email protected]

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