Wheelchair champion JohnBoy Smith ready Dubai race

Jay Asser 23:59 18/01/2017
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The Brit has already set a course record in the Emirate.

The Briton will be joined by fellow powerhouses Josh Cassidy, Patrick Monahan and Rafa Botello in Friday’s race as he attempts to cross first for the second straight year in the emirate.

Smith not only captured the top spot in his Dubai debut, but set a course record in 1:35:56.

His success, however, hasn’t altered his mindset coming into this edition, knowing his three peers are coming for his crown.

“It doesn’t change my approach in any way. If anything, it gives me more of a motivation coming back as defending champion,” Smith said. “It actually gives me a lot more motivation knowing the other guys are coming to take my title.”

For one, Smith will have to compete with Cassidy, the fastest man in a wheelchair.

The Canadian holds the world record time of 1:18:25, which he set at the 2012 Boston Marathon, as well as appearances at three Paralympic Games.

The foursome are rounded up by Ireland’s Monahan and Spain’s Botello, as Smith expects a battle that will not only push him, but all the athletes to bring out their best.

“This line-up, as a matter of fact, is one of the best that could be put together for us four athletes,” he said.

“With us, all four of us are so close and that on par, it’s literally going to be who’s the better race on the day.

He added: “When I did the marathon to last year, no disrespect to the other racers, but there was not really any competition for me because I was the only T54 racer there. I pushed the race completely on my own. I had no one to challenge me. This race will be a challenge from start to finish.”

The pecking order among the group of four is undefined, constantly changing throughout the race calendar.
Monahan, who Smith calls his racing “twin”, is anxious to see how the results will differ from previous races they’ve been involved in.

“It’ll be a good test for this time of the year because after all that happened between us last year, I’d like to see where I’m at in this stage and if I’ve moved on a bit,” he said.

He added: “I just don’t want to be fourth out of four.”

While Smith and Monahan admit the Dubai course, which features a flat and fast surface, goes against the style of roads they’re familiar with, the former has the experience of previously winning in

Dubai while the latter set his personal best on a similarly flat surface in Seoul last year.

They also feel the course will bring out mind games and strategy when the four are packed together.

Smith said: “It’s going to be very tactical and a thinking game from start to finish.”

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